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Ted Hughes

No description

Kyle Varni

on 24 March 2014

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Transcript of Ted Hughes

• Ted Hughes was born on August 17, 1930 and died on October 28, 1998
• He married an American Poet named Sylvia Plath in 1956
• Sylvia committed suicide in 1963 at the age of 30 and many blamed Ted Hughes for her death
•In 1970, Hughes remarried to Carol Orchard
•Sadly when he died, his son went into deep depression and committed suicide a few months later
Ted Hughes Life
"Lovepet" read by Ted Hughes
"Lovepet" Analysis
Ted Hughes Works
1. "Crow" - is considered his most significant work. He loves to write about nature and the tone of this poem is gloomy.

2. "The Iron Man" - one of his most successful prose for children. He wrote this prose to comfort his children after Sylvia Plath's suicide.

3. "Lovepet" - poem about marriage which will be explained and analyzed because it captures the essence of Hughes mood and the relationship between Sylvia and Ted Hughes.
By: Kyle Varni
Ted Hughes
•Meaning: It is a poem about his marriage with Sylvia Plath but he makes his poem a general comment about marriage. It explains how love is a passionate violent hunger that slowly consumes each other and eventually eats away at each other until the love disintegrates. The Lovepet literally means a demanding need to own the other person

•Metaphor- He uses a "staring and starving " animal because just like an animal, love will eat away at you.

•Tone- Tone shift from loving to dark and violent

•Personification- It gives love the ability to "strip out their nerves" and "Bit at their numb bodies"
Ted Hughes and Sylvia Plath
Before Ted Hughes died, He wrote what was called "Birthday Letters". They were about how Ted truly did love Sylvia even though he treated her awfully. The poems explained their relationship
These letters were a big deal because the 30 years between Sylvia's death and the nearing of Ted Hughes death, this was the first time Ted ever talked about his relationship with Sylvia
This was a collection of 88 poems and descried their "explosive marriage.
These series of poems were Ted's way of bringing closure to his life to finally explain what their relationship was like and some of the poems in the collection were directed for Plath.

Ted Hughes Education and Career
Hughes attended Mexborough grammar school where he found a love to write
He then moved on to attend Pembroke college in Cambridge
He then continued to study English at Pembroke college under M.J.C. Hodhart
A weird fact is that he actually changed his major to Archeology
At Cambridge is where he met the love of his life, Sylvia Plath, where she attended Cambridge on a full scholarship
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