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Habitudes: Book 1

No description

Avery Duncan

on 4 June 2015

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Transcript of Habitudes: Book 1

Opportunity Statue
86,400 opportunities in a day
Discipline Bridge
To build character you have to cross the bridge of discipline.

Personal discipline is crossing a bridge from where you are to where you want to go.

In order to get better you have to set up a routine, and have integrity.
The Half-Hearted Kamikaze
Thermostat and Thermometer
Leaders have the choice to either:
1. Reflect the climate they are place in
2. Set the climate which they are placed in
The Oversized Gift
What are some of your gifts?
Habitudes: Book 1
Avery and Lucious

Fun House Mirror
Leaders often think that they have to pretend to be better than they actually are.

Leadership can be intimidating and can make leaders feel like we don't measure up if we don't perform at our best.

What does integrity have to with it?
Personal Laptop
A true Kamikaze Pilot flies only 1 mission
- As leaders we have to be committed
to our mission
The Starving Baker
Golden Buddha
Pop Quiz
Emotional Fuel
Drivers and Passengers
The Iceberg
What is a Starving Baker?
The best way leaders can serve
the people and grow as a person
is to tend to their own personal
self first, however, we can not
feel guilty about doing this
How can we avoid this?
A gift is something that you can normally see
To take advantage of your gift, your
talent, character and integrity have to grow equally
Todd Gurley
When we receive a gift, the bigger the gift the more time we have to tend to it.
How does this relate to the Iceberg?
We encounter subtle "Pop Quizzes" each and
every day
Are random by choice
Leaders experience tests

These tests reveal our potential, maturity, and progress

They are not fun, but necessary
Types of Tests:
Test of Small Things
Motive Check
Stewardship Test
Wilderness Check
Credibility Check
Authority Test
Offense Test
Warfare Test
Test of Time
Mastery Test
The opportunity statue has hair in the front of its
head, but none in the back
Scripture says, "Teach us to number our days,
O Lord, that we may apply our hearts with
What are you doing with your
We have to be involved
committed on a
- You cant be successful without both
Talk is cheap
What to remember
Sacrifice: Set aside your own pleasure and
Purpose: Find your reasoning behind your
Determination: Follow through with you
How does this affect the members?
In order to set the climate, you first have to
assess your surroundings
- 70% of people don't think on their own
The iceberg represents leadership. The
10% above the water is your skill. The other 90% below the water is your character.

Character is what makes a good leader.
Self discipline
Core values
Sense of identity
Emotional Security

To be a good leader, you first have to know the
Gold inside of yourself. It is important you take personal inventory of your strengths and weaknesses.

Leaders are similar to the Golden Buddha, because
our real value is on the inside rather than the outside.

Our minds work like computers, what put in is what we get out. ''GIGO''- "Garbage In, Garbage Out"

As leaders we have to be disciplined in what we store in our minds.
(Magazines, TV, Pictures, Public Speakers.)

As leaders we have to make sure we put positive thoughts into other people's mind.

A leader needs people in their lives who don't always
take from them.

Leaders run out of emotional fuel faster than the average person, so we need to be around people that will give us our fuel.

Your value to any team or organization is based on how strong and healthy you are on the inside.

Make sure you're emotionally fueled so you can be a great leader.
Being a driver is about responsibility, and passengers do not take responsibility.

Area's leaders choose to be drivers -
Positive attitude
Persistent Fortitude
Purposeful Latitude

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