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were slaves freed from the E.P?

Elbert Gilbert

on 11 June 2011

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Mike & Elbert. What is the E.P? The announcement made by President Lincoln during the Civil War on September 22, 1862, emancipating all slaves in states still engaged in rebellion against the Union. WHO WAS IT FOR? Generally people think E.P was for the slaves but, the main purpose was to unite the nation. Since there was a conflicts btn South and North, Lincoln hoped the E.P would pressure the southern states to return to the Union. The slaves owner in the south concerned the most because of their economy. COLUMBIAN EXCHANGE The C.E was a trade between Eastern and West hemispheres. Europe East Africa South America North America Guns & Rum Slaves Spice & Slaves. R. CIVIL WAR The main reasons of Civil War were:- *North: Manufacture
*South: Agriculture HOWEVER FORGET THE
E.P!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Possible Theories LAW ENFORCEMENTS THE RELATIONSHIP BETWEEN THE E.P AND THE CIVIL WAR The E.P. was declared during the Civil War. President Lincoln announced it right after the Battle of Antietam, which the Union was loosing. He wanted to make sure that the E.P. would attract blacks so that the Union would have a full control over the Confederacy. SLAVES TOOK ACTIONS SUCH AS REBELLION. PEOPLE`S POINT OF VIEW THERE ALREADY WAS IDEA OF EMANCIPATION IN THE WORLD Nat Tuner`s rebellion that occured in february 1861. Underground railload ~ Insurrection ~Transportation S2N INDIVIDUALS ~FREDRICK DOUGLASS Anti-slavery newspaper Speaker of abolitionist meetings ~ Harriet Tubman Slave ~Abraham Lincoln The E.P ~In Russia, Alexander 2 emancipated serfs in 1861. ~Abraham adapted the Concept ~ Education Newspapers ~ Great Awakening Anti-slavery activities To Be Reviewed & Continued.... Differences in economy structure between the North and the South Conflicts between Slave vs. Non-slave forces Increase in Abolitionism movement
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