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All About ME!!!!

All Me being 100%

Richard Bass

on 16 January 2015

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Transcript of All About ME!!!!


First thing you should know about me is I luv to twerk!
Second I don't take in or deal with bullshit at all! Not from anyone!!
Third of all I am Gay so don't try to pull no slick shit on me. Yea you probably like OK so what your gay. But in reality you say some shit that I don't like ima go off on your Bitch ass.
Fourth don't talk to me like im a little ass kid unless you wanna get flipped over a table I don't play around. I have friends that are just like me but if my bae around you better be lucky cuz that's the only reason I havent gone off on you.
Fifth you may have noticed but ima just let you know im crazy in the way I might put you in the coma and myself in jail.
Sixth Don't try and step up to me either on some you the bad bitch shit. Cuz I will make you piss your pants with out trying!!
Seventh do not touch me I don't hug, shake hands no nothing I'll say "hey" but don't touch me the only person I touch is my boyfriend. So while your still alive DON'T TOUCH ME AT ALL!!!!!
Eighth I am nice to cretin ppl just not you yet. I am a fan of alot of things and I have tons of talents no one knows about I keep to myself so if im crying don't ask why im crying! Don't comfort me just stay the hell away! I rather hear the truth out of you that might hurt than a Fucking lie. Btw I hate lairs.
Ninth I am funny and I love to hangout but the second we see someone I don't like or used to date just know my whole aura will shift. I am not the kind of person that will sugar code shit ima give it to you 100% and I ask you do the same with me. I don't show my sensitive side unless necessary so don't expect me to cry if i tell you that ima die with in that day or I am going to jail.
Tenth im not a fake friend if we start something together we will end it together. Im not running from no fight ima stand my ground and whoop they ass idc who dares to step to me if they do they get they ass whopped by me.
By: Richard Walker
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