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Service Learning Project

Karley Seagraves

karley Seagraves

on 24 April 2010

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Transcript of Service Learning Project

Planning Process I was going to volunteer at a carnival kind of event that I found out about through the SHSU volunteer fair. I wasnt able to get off work for the days they needed me so I wasnt able to do that.
I heard that the youth I used to attend and be a leader for was having a retreat at my paretns ranch. so Icalled my old youth
pastor and asked if he could use any help
I had to ask off work and make sure I was free for the dates of the retreat

Why I Chose This Cite I chose this cite because I was already
familiar with the youth group and some of
the students because I had been a student
as well as a leader before.
They were also running short an female
leaders for the girls on the retreat.
About RRR ranch RRR ranch is a place my parents have and are developing
for people or youth groups to go relax refocus and replenish themselves.
its located in lovelady Texas about 45 min from Huntsville
It consists of 236 acres over 60 heads of cattle three horses multiple john deer peices of machinery five ponds four wheeler and more
they are still building and work on the site and plan to make it into a complete youth camp center
Service Learning Project
Karley Seagraves What I Did I was there to Set an example for the students
As one one the girl leaders i was incharge of keeping an eye on the girls and helping them with thier devotionals
I helped them around the ranch and with activities
Together as a youth group we repainted an older ladies house in the communities
Took the students and tought them how to ride horses Spent time with
students Took students on four-wheeler rides Repainted an old ladies
house Related to class Listening
body language

WHat I Learned about myslef
things came together
how to colck a house
confirmed my future plans Questions Anyone?
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