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Horse Genetics! How Do They Affect Coat Colors? By Bailey Br

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maryann carroll

on 9 June 2016

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Transcript of Horse Genetics! How Do They Affect Coat Colors? By Bailey Br

Horses come in many different colors.
Horse Genetics! How Do They Affect Coat Pigment? By Bailey Brown
In the horse world there are many colors. But some of the most common and basic colors are black, red, bay, and sorrel.
The Base Colors
There are many different horse colors. But there are two main groups they are divided into. The first of which are non-solid colors. These include paints, pintos, appaloosas, tobianos, and many others.
Non-Solid Colors
The second of the main groups of horse colors are solid horse colors. They include the colors mentioned in the Base colors slide. Other colors are dun, palomino, buckskin, rose grey, grey, and so many others.
Solid Horse Colors
Every body wants that beautiful purebred foal with the perfect markings and color. But some of these color combinations can be debilitating and sometimes even deadly.
Hereditary Diseases Linked to Color
Lethal White happens when you have an overo mare and stallion and their foals turn out to be pure white. What makes this deadly is that some of the genes affect the development of their digestive tract.
Lethal White
One of the most famous paint horses ever was Gunner. He was an amazing horse. But he and most of his offspring are deaf. This happened because of a special gene that splash paint horses have that can mutate causing the birth defect of deafness.
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Horse Colors
Rose Gray
Dilution Gene
The chestnut (red) gene is a dominant gene. There is also the dilution (recessive) gene. When we mix these genes it creates the palomino.
Palomino Offspring
When you cross two palominos you have three diiferent color possibilties. You can have a palomino foal, a chestnut foal, or a cremello.
Palomino Foal
Chestnut Foal
Cremello Foal
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