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Interactive Science Notebooks

No description

Miss McPhelin

on 31 August 2017

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Transcript of Interactive Science Notebooks

Scientists have Notebook-ed for Centuries
Interactive Science Notebooks
Interactive Science Notebooks
What goes into an ISN?
Everything! You will keep all of
your science material in your ISN!
Set Up
Each Unit
- Unit Cover
- Objectives for Unit
- Do Now Pages
- Various Notes
- Various Labs
- Various Assignments
Let's Get Started!
- Notebook Format
- Sample Table of Contents
- TOC Pages (4x)
- About Me
- About You
This will be used to demonstrate your knowledge in a way that you are comfortable...

Brain Mapping
And so much more!
This is not just a notebook!
Demonstrate your knowledge to yourself, your instructor, and parents!
You will often decide how you are able to best show your knowledge in your output (left) side. Sometimes Ms. McPhelin will give you more direct directions for output.
For the most part your ISN will look like this...
Remember Your 3 C's
Any Questions or Concerns?
Marie Curie - discovered chemical elements
Leonardo daVinci - major inventor of 14th century
Stephen Hawkins - currently studying the universe
Do Now: What is science?
Ask Questions
Perform Tests
Come to Conclusion
Scientists often revisit the question again with more information or different tools.
Teacher Directed
Annotated Reading
Lesson Notes
Sample Problems
Student Directed
Do Now:
Make at least 3 observations (notes) about this notebook.
What is a notebook?
What is an ISN?
Learning Targets:
I can describe what an interactive science notebook (ISN) is.
I can create a personal goal for my science grade.
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