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Aurora Hirvonen

on 27 March 2015

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Transcript of ITALY

Basic Facts:
Area: 301 338
Population: 60 782 668
Capital: Rome
Language: Italian
Currency: Euro
President: Sergio Mattarella
Coat of arms of Italy
The founding of Rome
The most popular myth of the founding of Rome is the one about the twins Romulus and Remus. The myth goes like this: two twins Romulus and Remus were born from Rhea Silvia and Mars, the Roman god of war. The king of the place where the boys lived was afraid that one day they would seize power from him, so he put them in a basket and left them in the Tiber River. The king thought that the twins would soon die. But it didn't go as the king had planned. The twins were found by a she-wolf who started raising them. A friendly woodpecker helped the wolf to get food for the twins. Then one day a shepherd found the twins and took them. The shepherd and his wife raised the boys as their own children. As the boys grew up they found out their true identity. So they killed the king who had sent them on the Tiber River.

Flag of Italy
Italian Republic

Rome is the capital of Italy. It is located in the region of Lazio. Rome is also the biggest and most populated city in Italy.
Population: 2 872 086
Area: 1,285 km2

Then they decided to build their own city. They chose the area where Rome is located today. They both liked the area very much, but Romulus wanted to build his on Palatine Hill while Remus on Aventine Hill. They decide to wait for the gods to choose. Remus said that he had seen the sign of six vultures (korppikotka), but Romulus said that he had seen the one with twelve. They both said to have won. Eventually Romulus started to build a wall around Palatine Hill. Remus was jealous so he started making fun of Romulus' wall. One day Remus noticed that Romulus' wall was really low so you could easily jump over it. So Remus went to Romulus and showed him how easy it was to cross the wall. Romulus got angry and killed his brother. Then he built his own city, named it Rome after himself and became king. He officially founded the city on April 21, 753 B.C.
There are two versions of what the colours in the Italian flag represent. Green is for hope, white is for faith and red is for charity or that green is for the hills, white is for the mountains and red is for the bloody wars for indipendance

Agriculture is important for employment and economy. The most important farm products are wheat for flour, olives for cooking oil and grapes for wine.
Wheat flour is used for making pasta, corn and rice are important for cooking in Northen Italy. Also fruits and vegetables are grown a lot.
Fruits and vegetables are grown also in the short, mild winters.
The most common animals that are raised in Italy are poultry, sheep and pigs.
Fishing is also part of Italy's economy because Italy is a peninsula so it has long coast lines where to fish.
Northen Italy has the healthiest economy with the biggest parts of industry and farms.
Central Italy is less wealthy and Southern Italy is the poorest section.
Iron and steel are the main industries in Italy.
Italy is an important car manufacturer in the world. Italian car brands are, for example, Ferrari, Fiat, Alfa Romeo and Lamborghini
Italians have always been skilled at handling leather, gold, silver, glass, silk and etc. Already from the times of the Roman Empire.
Italian clothing is famous all around the world.

What does SPQR stand for?
SPQR stands for a Latin phrase,
ōmānus (The Senate and People of Rome)
The Vatican City
Inside Rome there is the Vatican city which is the smallest country in the world. It is led by the Pope.
Flag of the Vatican City
By Martina Hirvonen
Used in the old times as a theater or a sports field
A canal (left) and St. Marc clock tower (right)
Two masks from the famous carnival of Venice
The Pantheon
Alfa Romeo
Here are some Italian cars that were mentioned before
Wikimedia Commons
Coat of arms of Rome
National anthem
Mediterranean Sea
Tyrrhenian Sea
Pizza Margherita (left)
Spaghetti al Ragu' (right)
Thank you for watching
Facts about Italy's geography
The countries that share a border with Italy are Slovenia, Switzerland, Austria and France
Italy is a peninsula
There are lots of mountains in Italy
Main Sights
The Pantheon
The Leaning Tower Of Pisa
Important People
Leonardo Da Vinci:
was a scientist and
artist who was the first to prove the world is round and not flat.
Alessandro Volta:
an italian physicist and chemist.
He created the first ever seen electrical battery.
Christopher Columbus:
a famous italian explorer.
He was the first one to reach the Americas.
Amerigo Vespucci:
is also an italian explorer.
He sailed to the Americas. America is named after him.
Marco Polo:
was one of the first Europeans to
reach Asia.
A long time ago it was as used as a temple. Today as a church
The Leaning Tower Of Pisa
Most of Italy has a Mediterranean climate. So cool, rainy winters and hot, dry summers.
On the mountains it is a bit different because it is so high. In winter it snows and in summer it is warm and there is plenty of sun.
Other important cities: Naples and Milan
Government: Unitary parliamentary constitutional republic
Ice cream was invented in Italy
Winter in Italy
Summer in Italy
Interesting facts
The highest peak in Europe is in Italy. Mont Blanc it is 4810m high and is part of the Alps.
Italy has been nicknamed Bel Paese meaning beautiful country.
Italy is shaped like a boot.
The average person in Italy eats more than 23 kilograms of pasta every year.
The richest person in Italy is Michele Ferrero. He owns 24.376883 billion euros
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