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ICT course summary

No description

sone nattawat

on 8 June 2013

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Transcript of ICT course summary

we made a Gantt chart. A list of tasks that need to be done for the project on a spreadsheet. Introduction section Middle section ICT course summary!!! Gantt Chart Evaluation Hugo K8 The first two weeks The first two weeks we were researching and brainstorm ideas for Junior journalist and we were finding the meaning of the words about prevention and risks of journalists. Such as:
Copyright: The exclusive legal right.

Hack: Break into computer systems or software.

Plagiarize: Take (the work or an idea of someone else) and pass it off as one's own.

Validate: Check or prove the validity or accuracy of something.

Verify: check. Sources Complete a list of references used compiled using a search engine. [journalist sources for my ICT topic Thailand at the Olympic Games] Junior Journalist WEBSITE Design and execute a website including the sources you have found, video clips, photos, links, text, articles, a blog and statistics you have researched as charts. Link:http://hisvle.harrowschool.ac.th/index.phtml?d=603968
Mine website include:
-information about Thailand
at the Olympic 2012
-photos, video
-links I needed to find a
website that gives a brief information
about Thailand at the Olympic Games. For Example:
-history of this topic. Junior Journalist ADVERTISING Make a Billboard Chart to advertise my topic. Create your own designs of the images you have got from primary or secondary sources. It is in a Christmas theme
and I added a specific time that when it will be on air. 3 sections video about this topic Final section we must know how to use a movie maker program and we should add effects and transition and include lots of information to make the video looks interesting and entertaining. In this year, I have learnt how to use different kinds of program on the computer such as Photoshop, Microsoft Movie Maker and it is a new challenge for me but it made me think of new things such as add songs into the video and include more than 1 animations on some slide shows . In Junior Journalists videos and junior journalists website, I included lots information, effects, pictures and videos. Those things make my work looks interesting and catch other people attention. I also helped several friends when they were doing their video project or discussed and tell them what do I think . The thing that didn't so well is I should have put my voice into the middle part video so the audience will understand the information more clearer but I don't have enough time because I didn't organize it well. Thank you for
your attention
!!! Charity and service of my videos I want Thai people to support our athletes while they are competing at the Olympics. To promote about Thailand at the Olympic games, making a program on television is a good idea because people can know more information about this topic. Also, we can gain more money from the commercials which Olympic Committee of Thailand can manage to take these money on improvement training areas, sent some Thai athletes to compete outside countries more in order to get more experience. junior journalists questionaire I made a questionaire for my topic to observe some suggestions and ideas to make me think about new ideas to make my topic looks more interesting and catch people's attention. Google Doc We did it in a group of 5 and discuss about how to capture a video or picture via Google Doc.

We have worked collaboratively with each other comment and fixed the problem. This project helped me be more creativity by thinking about how to make the Billboard chart looks very interesting as well as helped to promote my topic via television. Making a website is so challenging for me. I could make it even though it was the first time. At first I don't know how to put things in order but some of my friends did help me. Lastly, I've finished and making a website helped to advertise throughout the Internet. video planning and evaluation Introduction video evaluation and planning Middle section evaluation and planning Final section evaluation and planning
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