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Understanding Goals Fall 2014

No description

Jeremy Price

on 21 November 2014

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Transcript of Understanding Goals Fall 2014

Understanding Understanding Goals
Trail Markers
of the Curriculum
Understanding Goals focus the Generative Topic on its most important aspects. I think of them as a compass that orients us as we continually redefine the course during our journey.
Characteristics of Understanding Goals
Address the essential aspects of generative topics
May be phrased as statements or questions
Ideally a collaborative process with colleagues and students
Revisited and revised for ongoing development
Create Your Own Generative Topic/ Understanding Goals Prezi
Generative Topics
Important to the domain
Students can connect
Compelling for teachers
Multiple entry points and pathways
A GT/UG Refresher
Knowledge: key theories and concepts
Methods: Ways of doing and thinking
Purposes: The why of the how
Expressions: The appropriate ways to share what you have come to understand
Goal Strands
Tweets and Odds and Ends
My #bigidea for the week is using the Bookbuilder website. It was really cool to make an actual online, interactive book. My #wow is the fact that I could make little characters (coaches) to explain or help the readers with the questions asked at the end of the pages. This is something that could come in handy for my future classroom. My #wonder is to what extent can you use this in a classroom? By this I mean at what age is it too young to use? Is it a website worth using to let the students write their own?
Beware of
Imagine a student returning to visit you five years after being in your class and saying, "What I'll always remember about learning with you was..."

How might the sentence end? What kinds of learning do we most hope students will carry away with them? What are the most important understandings students need to succeed in the world?
Understanding Goals
"Trail Markers" for orienting performances of understanding
Can be questions or statements
The Four Strands
100 Aker Wood and the Experience of Childhood
Owl's House Understanding Goal
Students will analyze different ways of responding to the question, "What does it look like when we KNOW something?"
Where the Woozle Wasn't Understanding Goals
Students will explore the question, "How do our fears influence what we do and how we think?"
Where Roo Plays Understanding Goal
Students will develop a game that explores and expresses an idea that is important to them.
Generative Topic
Related to important ideas in the domain
Students can easily
connect with it
Compelling for teachers
Multiple entry points and pathways
"The principal goal of education in the schools should be creating men and women who are capable of doing new things, not simply repeating what other generations have done; men and women who are creative, inventive and discoverers, who can be critical and verify, and not accept, everything they are offered." - Jean Piaget
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