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careers in accounting

No description

Sara Huang

on 20 September 2016

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Transcript of careers in accounting

Careers in Accounting
The Canadian CPA was created with the unification of three accountant designations(CA, CGA, CMA) for many reasons
Current job options
Property accountant impact recruitment Inc.
What is a CPA?
CPAs offer strong accounting and managerial skills that are required by today's complex environment, and they have to go through difficult exam in order to be certified.
It significantly reduces the number of governing bodies; simplifies the operation and reduces confusion in the marketplace
- read, compare, and interpret figures and data
CPA stands for:
It ensures standard are consistently applied and enforced, thus creating the foundation of Canada's growing world reputation.
The job market becomes more efficient for the accountants and the business sectors they serve.
Skills, talents of an accountant
- have strong written and oral communication skill
- great attention to detail
- knowledge of a variety of computer programs and systems
- good organizational skills as often having to manage a range of clients' documents.
Intermediate Accountant Impact Recruitment Inc.

Project Accountant Impact Recruitment Inc.
Senior Accountant The Fifth Option Incorporated

Jr. Accountant Staff Systems
Property accountant
impact recruitment Inc.
Job description:
Reporting to the Senior Accountant, the Property Accountant will be responsible for a portfolio of 25 commercial properties & 150 residential houses and condos.
Annual salary:
$40,000 to $45,000
Project Accountant
Impact Recruitment Inc.
Job description:
• Responsible for the full cycle project accounting of assigned projects
• Work closely with Project Managers to manage the budget for each assigned project
• Prepare all financial reporting relevant to assigned project as required by Sr. Management
• Ensure all contractual commitments and financial adjustments are properly reflected in the tracking, invoicing, and reporting system
• Manage project invoicing and draw process for each assigned project
• Manage the project’s accounts receivable process, including the monthly progress draw
• Regular reconciliation of invoicing from trades and all other suppliers

Annual salary:
$60k - $70k
Benefits & Flexibilities
- Accountants are always in demand
- Accountants can work in all sorts of workplaces
- Accountants have a lot of responsibilities in their work: they matter a lot to a company
-Stability: accounting is a dependable career with regular hours, good salary and other benefits
-Technology and regulation in the industry is constantly evolving: accountants have the opportunity to work their way to the front of the industry
Accredited Programs in Canada
Queen’s University: BComm – CPA Stream + Graduate
Diploma in Accounting Program
University of Toronto: BComm – CPA Stream + MMPA
University of Waterloo: BAFM – CPA Stream + MAcc
BAFM – CPA Stream +Graduate
Diploma in Accounting Program*
York University: MBA – CPA Stream
BBA – CPA Stream or– CPA Stream +
Top Accounting Firms

located in more than 150 countries
has over 600 offices in the world
headquartered in New York City, New York
244,400 employees as of 2016
Ernst & Young
Locations in 150 countries
700 offices worldwide
headquartered in London
212,000 employees as of 2015

operated over 650 offices located in 150 countries
headquartered in Amsterdam, Netherlands
173,965 employees as of 2015
I think areas like Forensic accounting will suit me because accounting, auditing, investigative skills are used to assist the court in legal matters, and investigating white collar crimes sound appealing to me.
has locations in more than 150 countries
more than 750 offices worldwide
specialize in audit & assurance, tax, and consulting
headquartered in London
208,109 employees as of 2015
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