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Copy of Ancient Greek Mythology Introduction

This is a presentation for Gr. 9 ELA that introduces ancient Greek mythology.

Anna Murphy

on 13 May 2013

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Transcript of Copy of Ancient Greek Mythology Introduction

What is Mythology? Mythology is the study of "myths" which are stories about supernatural beings, in early times handed down orally from one generation to another.
Myths attempt to EXPLAIN such things as: 1) Nature:
where did the earth come from?
geography: formation of landmasses
heavens: sun, moon, stars
seasons: climate, rain, fertility 2) Man:
where did man come from?
his life: birth, growth, reproduction 3) Gods:
What is the role of the Gods? Why is Mythology Important? *Literature* *Music* *The ARts* *Language* *History* *Advertising* Mythology is especially interesting to: 1) Psychologists
2) Theologians
3) Students of Literature How the World was created: CHAOS out of (confusion) Gaea (Mother Earth) Uranus (heavens) Oceanus + Tethys ruled the sea Hyperion ruled the sun Thea ruled the moon Rhea The Great Mother Themis Ruled Law and Justice Mneomsyne Ruled Memory Chronus The youngest and the Strongest Hecantonchires (hundred hands) The 3 Cyclopes (one-eyed) Uranus hated all of his children,
but particularly the mosters - - and these he sent to TARTARUS (underworld) Gaea asked Ttians to rescue
the mosters but ONLY
Cronus agreed to help - - and he overthrew his father. from Uranus' blood came - - GIANTS and ERINYES more like men than Gods
- fierce fighters - furies with hair of writhing serpents
- they were winged - Cronus and Rhea were then married and had 6 children... cronus now feared that his children would destroy him... ... so he swallowed all of them
but Zeus, who escaped.
When Zeus grew up, he and Rhea
waged war on Cronus. a long battle followed... Cronus disgorged his children.
The monsters helped Zeus and
gave him weapons.
Cronus; who was assisted by
some of the titans, was defeated. So... divided the world
with his brothers
and sisters
(and himself)
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