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Online shopping presentation

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Marlena Łącka

on 4 February 2016

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Transcript of Online shopping presentation

Online Shopping
M. Lacka, A. Madrzak

Online shopping is the process whereby consumers directly buy goods or services from a seller in a real-time without an intermediary service, over the internet.
How did the online shopping come about
Online shopping emerged with the development of the internet.

Entrepreneurs saw the potential in online shopping and made virtual storefronts so that consumers could shop without leaving their homes.
Alternative names for online shopping are: e-web-store, e-shop, e-store, Internet shop, web-shop, web-store, online-store, online storefront and virtual store.
Traditional shopping
Traditional shopping is a term used to refer to the way of doing shopping where you visit stores and buy goods.
In traditional shopping one has to leave home, either walk or take a ride to the store or shopping center in order to buy what one wants.
Traditional versus Online shopping
One of the major difference between these two ways of transaction is time saving.
Convenience is also an important feature. People can go shopping online whenever they want or can.
An advantage of shopping in traditional way is that people can check out their goods with their own eyes and hands.
Online store
You are able to browse and search for items, as you would in a regular store; there is a wider range of products,sizes, and colors of products, as you would find in a warehouse; and most online stores contain reviews of products by people who have already purchased and tried out the product.
Process of online shopping
Credit Card
Debit Card
Payment Websites
Bank Transfer
Mobile Payments


Tips for shopping online:

Check out sellers
Make sure the side is legitimate
Protect your personal information
Use safe payment options
Turn your computer off when you're finished shopping
Avoid spam
Shop smart using only sites you know and trust
80% of individuals aged 32-44 buy products on the internet
72% of people aged 55-64 and 71% of 18-32 years old also purchase things through the internet

Popular online shopping sites: Allegro, Zalando, Ebay.
Hands-On Inspection
Wait Time
Do you often do your shopping online?
What do you buy online (clothes,food,furniture,tickets,other)?
Do you like online shopping more traditional
Are the prices the same as in the shops or less expensive?
Have you ever had any disappointments or bad surprises?
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