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property manager


mebelit melendez

on 1 March 2010

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Transcript of property manager

By: Mebelit Melendez Industrial or commercial property owners often hire a property manager to manage their real estate investments.

They negotiate contracts for services
Arrange for property repairs, and purchase supplies and equipment.
They see financial obligations, such as mortgages, taxes, and insurance premiums are met. Property Managers Comunicate with supervisors, peers, and subordinates Physical Demands They must speak clearly for others to understand Be able to see small details from a few feet away Skills and Abilities Read and understand written materials Be able to manage oneself, others, and time Must work with people Use math skills to solve problems For someone in Atlanta the starting salary is 41,700. 1. 2. People in this job are most of the time outside at the job site and almost never stuck in an office Disadvantage: Have to deal with alot of propertys at the same time and alot of contracts Advantage: Always doing something at a property and never sitting at a desk 3. Currently employed in georgia is 7,661 & in the U.S there are 328.928 This job is expected to grow 3.3% in the next 5 years in georgia. In the U.S its expected to grow 15% In Georgia there are 131 annual openings In the U.S the annual openings are 9,331 4. University of California, Santa Barbara Out of State tuition: $31,746 A bachelors degree in either
business management
real estate
finance You need a 3.0 minimum gpa,
& have over 550 on each part of the SAT's 5. Advancement opportunities Once you gain expierience as an onsite manager you can move up to assistant manager at larger properties Also you become responsible for multiple properties at a time The most you can earn yearly is 69,260 Its not likely to get fired from this job unless
you mess up at a property with payments and contracts 6. I think this career would be good for someone who isnt planning on going to college. I think i wouldnt want to pursue this career because it doesnt pay much and it seems like to much paper work and contracts for me to deal with. Im not good at math and it involves alot of accounting. By:Mebelit Melendez
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