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Angry Birds Presentation

This is a presentation for our class english

Robbert de Rooij

on 23 October 2013

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Transcript of Angry Birds Presentation

Presentation by
Robin de Haas
Olaf Stellaard
Robbert de Rooij
Danny van der Waal
Marc van der Wissel
A circle that game publishers everywhere are suddenly trying to square

Line, Order, Row
Contain, epitomize, exemplify,
illustrate, show, symbolize, typify
Offer, bid
Box, enclose, envelop, wrap
Cackle, caw, crow, hoot, screech, yap, yawp, yelp
Annihilation, extermination, knocking down, razing, wrecking
Characterize, exemplify, illustrate, model, represent, stand for, symbolize
After Angry Birds every game publisher now wants to match the way of gaming with their own games.
Sobriety, grimness
association, connection, interrelationship, kinship, kinsperson , link, relationship
Q1: How does the text describe the way to play the game?
Q2: How many copies of the game have been downloaded according to the text
Q3: In which 3 ways does Angry birds epitomise gaming in 2010
Q4: How many spin-offs from Angry Birds are there and can you name them all?
Q5: In what year was Angry Birds first launched?
Q6: Why did Microsoft get in trouble?
Q7: Name for every color bird the special powers that they have.
A1: The basic idea is that you use your mobile phone touch-screen to lob a preordained series of coloured birds, one after another, towards precarious buildings containing one or more circular green pigs.
A2: 30 million copies
A3: It can be enjoyed by people of all ages, and by both casual and hardcore gamers

It runs on a phone, rather than a console

It's the perfect game for the age of austerity
A4: 6

Angry Birds Seasons, Rio, Bad Piggies, Space, Friends, Star Wars
A5: 2009, December 2009
A6: Because they implied that Angry birds was on it’s way to windows phone 7. It wasn’t.
A7: The Red bird has no special powers.
The blue bird splits into three birds.
The yellow bird accelerates and hits objects with more force.
The black bird explodes a few seconds after impact or explodes directly with a tap on the screen.
The green bird does a complete 180 and returns like a boomerang.
Games have become a key selling point for smartphones
Angry Birds is a leading example for smartphone games
Smartphone will be able to compete with PC and consoles on the gaming market?
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