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A presentation on the name of Allah,Al-Latif(The Gracious)!!!


on 30 May 2013

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Transcript of Al-Latif

Al Latif
The Subtle,
The Gracious By Hira References Other Important Information An Example Jazakallah! Prophet Dawud Said Al Latif Means... Connections Assalamualaikum! Definition The One Who is truly gentle and kind toward His servants, the One Who knows the most hidden of their matters, the One Who cannot be perceived by their senses. Today I will be doing my presentation on... In Arabic, the word latif comes from lutf or the three-letter root l-t-f.You can also say it like lateef,al-latiif,ya latif, ya lateef, ya latiif. "Do you not see how Allah sends down water from the sky and then the earth becomes green upon the morrow?Allah is the Knower of Subtleties,All-Aware"(Surah Al Hajj 22:63 No vision can grasp Him, but He grasps all vision. He is Al-Latif (the Most Subtle and Courteous), Well-Acquainted with all things.(Surah Al-An`am, 6: 103) Do you see things in the universe that bespeak God's being All-Kind? Yes, of course.For example, the air, which surrounds us from all sides: we breathe it, and if we move it, we feel that it exists. It carries an airplane that weighs 450 tons: 150 tons of the body of the airplane itself, 150 tons of fuel, and 150 tons of passengers and their luggage. The air is a really marvelous thing!It is a truly kind creation to us! When you read a book about honey and wonder at the marvelous creation of bees with their wonderful social relations and well-organized societies and in which each and every citizen bee knows perfectly their duties and rights and sticks to them. Tell me: which human community is so well organized as a beehive? None!When you read a book about bees, you should feel humble before the Creator who has perfected their creation.Allah is kind to his servants by giving them creations like bees and... Thank You for Listening, Imam Al-Gazali said: "Allah, Most Gracious, is “Lateef” in the sense that He, Glory to Him, knows minute details of things and takes his slave from one condition to another most gently." An Interesting Point When we see the way Al-Lateef treats us with benevolence and gentleness, we cannot but try to be a source of gentleness for others, as a way of being grateful to God for His kindness to us. As the Prophet Dawudﷺ (peace be upon him) said: HONEY!!! Example #2 “Show gentleness, for if gentleness is found in anything, it beautifies it and when it is taken out from anything it damages it.”
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