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Laura Flanagan

on 11 November 2014

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Transcript of C

1. He was the first Italian to find America.
2. He sailed the sea for almost 8 months.
3. He had a journal/diary.

Christopher Columbus
5. Monday October 1, 1492 he sailed 75 miles but he thought 60 and so far they sailed 2121 total.
6. December 25, 1492 he sailed in light wind. He hadn't slept in two days one night and was very tired.
7. Wednesday 26,December, 1492. The king came to Nina, where Columbus was, and almost tears told Columbus not to dismayed because he would give me whatever he had. I ordered a bombard and a musket be fired.
8. Wednesday 2,January 1493.Columbus left on Isla Espanola thirty nine men in the fortress. He had left with them all at the Nina.
9. Wednesday, 23 January, 1493. There house before dawn I departed.
10. Friday, 25 January, 1493. The sailors killed two porpoise and a very large shark. These were necessary 'cause they had nothing to eat except wine, bread, and ajes from the Indies.
Christopher Columbus was born in Geno, Italy October 31, 1451. He died in Valladid, Spain May 20,1506.

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