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One Direction

A group/band that has 5 guys in it whos names are Harry Styles, Naill Horan, Liam Payne, Louis Tomlinson, and Zayn Malik.

Harry Styles Styles

on 9 February 2013

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Transcript of One Direction

ONE DIRECTION HARRY STYLES Harold Edward Styles is an extraordinHARRY 18 year old flirt who is a lady's man. He turned 18 on february 1st 2012. He was born in Holmes Chapel, England in 1994 and worked at a bakery. He is right handed and is 5' 10" and has a cat named Dusty. He is currently single. He was brought into this world by his mother, Anne, and his father, Des. However, before Harry (a.k.a Hazza, or the love of my life), his parents had another child, Gemma who is currently 21 years old. They got along pretty well. Harry's first nursery was at "Happy Days" and he met some really nice friends there when he was little. His best friend there was a guy named Jonathan and they are still friends now. When he got a bit older he started doing plays and performances. His first play was "Chitty Chitty Bang Bang"and he played Buzz Light Year. Harry also liked to sing when he was younger, in fact, he sang Elvis songs on his karaoke machine (he loved it). All of that fun with his whole family had to come to an end because his parents divorced. He was sad at first but then he got used to it. When Harry was 12 years old, his mom met this guy named Robin and he eventually proposed to her, when he did, Harry and his older sister were very happy. In grade 8, he was asked to join a band with Will, Hayden, and Nick. They asked Harry to sing lead vocals and they entered a competition but they needed a name so Harry suggested "White Eskimo" (they ended up winning). Having experience singing on stage made Harry want audition for the "X Factor" and because other young people have auditioned for "The X Factor". He always says to himself "What if I didn't audition that year (2010) or I didn't get through." LIFE HARRY STYLES Movie: Love Actually, The Titanic, The Notebook, and The Fight Club
Food: Sweetcorn and Tacos
Colour: Orange
Friend: Louis Tomlinson
Drink: Water or Apple Juice
Telivision Show: Family Guy
Band: The Beatles and Queen
Type of Girl: Someone who can cope with his career, someone that has a good sense of humor, someone funny, someone that has a nice smile and nice eyes and a nice personality
Song: Free Falling (John Mayer)
Ride: Nothing because he has a fear of rollercoasters
Sport: Soccer but he likes to play badminton
Shop: Selfridges
Perfume for girls: Alien (Thierry Mugler)
Look-a-like: Mick Jagger
Nickname: Hazza, The "flirt" FAVOURITE Liam James Payne is a brilLIAM 18 year old man. He will be turning 19 on August 29th. He was born in Wolverhampton, England in 1993. He is right handed and is 5'10". Liam also has two turtles named Boris and Archimedes. He is currently dating someone named Danielle and they are very happy together. He was brought into this world by his mother, Karen, and his father, Geoff. However, his parents had two other girls before him and their names are Nicola and Ruth (the oldest). Liam gets along very well with Nicola but not as much with Ruth (because she has more authority and doesn't have a lot in common with them). Unfortunately, when Liam was born, his kidney wasn't working properly. Because of this, he had a number of visits to the hospital from birth to 4 years of age. He had a lot of needles injected into him to help him. The needles ended up paying off because he was third for his age group in the country for running. Also, because he was on the basketball team and there were older and taller people on the team too, he got picked on but he decided to learn how to box so he can defend himself. When Liam was younger, he was like a business man (sold chocolates at school), but in grade 9, he joined the choir and it got him used to all of the people starring (that is why he auditioned for "The X Factor" in 2008). He made it all the way to the judge's house, however, he didn't make it any further (Simon said no)...until 2010. In 2010, he auditioned again and ended up coming in third place with 4 other guys and their band was called "One Direction". The reason that Liam auditioned again was because he really wanted to get a yes from Simon (and he did). LIAM PAYNE LIFE LIAM PAYNE FAVOURITE Movie: Click and all of the Toy Story movies
Food: Chocolate
Colour: Purple
Friend: Martin, Andy, and Ronnie
Drink: Coke
Television Show: Friends and Everybody Loves Raymond
Band: One Republic
Type of Girl: someone who has nice eyes (blue)
Song: doesn't have a favourite song
Utensil: Not a spoon (because he has a strange fear of spoons)
Sport: Basketball
Shop: All Saints
Perfume for girls: XXX
Nickname: The "smart" or "sensible" one Louis Wiliam Tomlinson is a fabuLOUIS 20 year old man who lives happiLOUIS. He will be turning 21 on December 24th. He was born in Doncaster, England on Christmas Eve in 1991 and if he wasn't a singer, he would have liked to have been a drama teacher. He is right handed and he is 5' 9" and has a pet dog named Ted. He is currently dating Eleanor and they are very happy together. Louis was brought into this world by his mother, Johannah, and his father, Mark. After Louis was born, 4 girls was delivered: Charlotte (13), Felicite (12), and the twins Pheobe and Daisy. Because both of Louis' parents had to work, he usually stayed home with his Nan (Edna), and his great granddad (Len) afterschool. When he went to high school, it was crazy because he applied for Hayfield but he didn't make it so he went to Hall Cross. Then, Hayfield accepted im so he switched. After a year of being at Hayfield, he got into a band with Geoff, Jona, Jamie, and Stan called "The Rogue". They ended up spliting up but Stan and Louis still wanted to play so they kept the name and a guy named Ben joined. Louis really enjoyed performing on stage in front of huge audiences. Louis has had a bunch of jobs but has never really liked any of them or he got fired because he was caught partying. During school, Louis also liked doing plays. In fact, he played the role of Danny in "Grease". Because Louis liked the thrill of performing to audiences, he auditioned for "The X Factor" in 2009, but unfortunatlly, he didn't make it through the first round. He was determined to audition next year...and that was exactly what he did. He ended up making it to the judges house with his band called "One Direction". They came in third but they are all still amazed of all of the fans. LOUIS TOMLINSON LIFE LOUIS TOMLINSON FAVOURITE Movie: Grease
Food: Pasta, Pizza, and Carrots
Colour: Red
Friend: Stan
Drink: Milkshake "Daim Bar"
Television Show: One Tree Hill and Skins
Band: The Fray
Type of Girl: Someone who likes carrots, someone who is confident, and someone who is funny and has a good sense of humor
Song: Look After You (The Fray)
Sport: Soccer or Tennis
Shop: Topman
Perfume For Girls: He doesn't have one because he justs wants them to smell how they want to smell
Nickname: the "Leader"
Trade Mark: Suspenders and Carrots NIALL HORAN LIFE Niall James Horan is a phenomeNIALL 18 year old man. He will be turning 19 on September 13th. He was born in Mullingar, Ireland in 1993. He is left handed (but taught himself how to play the guitar with his right hand) and he is 5' 7". He has a cat named Jess and he is currently single. He was brought into this world by his mother, Maura, and his father, Bobby. However, before Niall was born, another boy was delivered and his name is Greg. They grew up in a small town with a very low population but still met a lot of nice people. Unfortunatly, when Niall was about 5, his parents got divorced (lived at his moms house first, then both, and then his dads). His first day of school was hard because he didn't know anybody untill later on. He started liking music at a very young age (because of playing the recorder). Niall also used to sing a lot, in fact, one time he was singing in the car with his auntie and she thought that the radio was playing (but it was really Niall singing in the back). Niall liked a lot more things (music-wise) other than singing and the recorder and they were playing his guitar (started playing when he was about 10), Michael Buble, and Justin Bieber (sometimes Niall gets compared to him but he can't complain). Before Niall auditioned for "Te X Factor", he entered a coupe of singing contests (which got him a lot of attention in the newspaper). This made him prepared for his audition. He ended up making it and he moved on. Because Niall and the other members from One Direction are travelling around the world and didn't get to see their families a lot during "The X Factor", they have gotten a lot closer. Niall and his family have especially gotten a lot closer because when Christmas came along, they all got together (and that means his dad, his mom, his step dad, his brother, and the rest) and had a blast. His mom found a special man named Chris and she really likes him. Niall gets along with Chris very well. Niall and the rest of his family were very grateful for his chance to be famous. NIALL HORAN FAVOURITES Movie: Grease, The Godfather, and Goodfellas
Food: Everything but mostly pizza and the restuarant Nandos
Colour: Blue
Friend: Sean, Scott, Dillan, and Brad
Drink: Water or Coke
Television Show: Two and a Half Men
Band: The Script, The Kooks, The Eagles, Take That, Westlife, Thin Lizzy, and The Doors
Type of Girl: Someone who is cute and has a great personality
Song: Fly Me To The Moon (Frank Sanatra)
Sport: Soccer
Shop: Top man
Perfume for Girls: Channel Blue (Victoria's Secret)
Nickname: the "funny one"
Trade Mark: The blond hair and being Irish ZAYN MALIK LIFE Zayn Jawaad Malik is an amaZAYN 19 year old man. He turned 19 on January 12th. He was born in Bradford, England in 1993. He is right handed and is 5' 9". He is currently single, however, he was dating a girl named Perrie. They ended up breaking up. He was brought into this world by his mother, Patricia, and his father, Yasser. After Zayn, 2 other girls were delivered and their names are Waliyha and Safaa. However, before Zayn and his sisters, another girl was delivered and her name is Doniya (she is the oldest). He has a lot of first cousins and they are mostly girls. Because he knows what girls go through, he is more caring and understanding with women. He had a very good relationship with his dad (that is why he didn't go to preschool) so he went to Reception School when he was 4. And at age 4, he loved singing and playing with toy guitars (started at a very young age). He changed preschools so it was hard for him at first but he made friends. When Zayn was a bit older, He moved to another school and girls liked him so he became "cool". This caused him to take passion in his appearance so he did his hair every morning (he took longer than his sisters). During school, he was doing very well. English was his best and favourite subject, along with art (he still loves art). He was in the play for his school for "Grease" and it was awesome. He loved being on stage and loved acting more than singing at the time. Then he started to like more as he joined the school choir and as his music teacher told him that he was good. He was going to join for "The X Factor" when he was 15 but then he was afraid so he didn't (he did the same thing when he was 16). But when he was 17, he was still worried but his mother made him audition. When he made it through to the next rounds, he was extremely happy and surprised. Overall, Zayn is very grateful for the experience on the show because it changed him. Before, he was very self conscious and shy, but now he has a lot more confidence and he talks to fans a lot. "The X Factor" changed his life. ONE DIRECTION ZAYN MALIK FAVOURITE Book: Harry Potter
Movie: Freedom Writers
Food: Chicken
Colour: Red
Friend: Liam Payne
Drink: Red Bull
Television Show: Family Guy
Type of Girl: someone who he has a lot in common with and someone that he can spoil
Song: doesn't have one but he has always wanted to do a Bruno Mars cover
Sport: Soccer
Shop: Topman
Perfume for Girls: any type of sweet smelling perfume
Nickname: the "vain" one
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