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Dante Alighieri

No description

aleesha turner

on 23 April 2010

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Transcript of Dante Alighieri

Dante was one of the most famous writers oh his time.
He did not only write about the bible but also things that interested peopl. He wrote about love, and adventures. He wrote about things that would teach people something importan. He tried to put a message in to what he wrote. This was so people could see that there was more to write about then just the bible. Now when we read he writings we think that they not true but back in his day he was one of the best writers cause of how he wrote with things of real people and every day troubles. The reason that he wrote about love and adventures was so that people could read something that had not had to deal with the bible. Dante was born in May we do not know the right date. His mother died when he was 7. He was band form Florance when he was older. His wife and kids stayed in florance when he left. Dante traveled around the area liking for things and people to write about.Most of his stories where writen from things and people that he saw around him. In his writings you see the first powerful thinker.
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