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Athena Prezi

No description

Nicole Wheeler

on 18 November 2013

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Transcript of Athena Prezi

She is know for...
Athena is the goddess of many things. Some in the ancient account, Iliad say she is the goddess of implacable and ferocious fight. But wherever she is, she is the warrior defending the state. She is also known for being a warrior, the goddess of the arts of peace, and the goddess of prudent intelligence. Above all everyone knows her as the goddess of wisdom, crafts, and war. She is also known as the favorite daughter of Zeus. People describe her as “The Bright-Eyed”.

Year Book Entry
Hey Athena thanks for a great year! You were so awesome on the N.A.L team and so smart and bright-eyed in every class we have together. I also loved your great art crafts in the school art show, and I was not surprised when you won first place. We need to go plant olive trees this summer, and play love and war games! See yeah this summer!
Every ones invited to my game of Family Feud. Click on the invite below.
There is only one person who isn't invited... Poseidon.
Family Feud Invite
Athena's Poem
She looks for wisdom by opening the door,
She uses weapons when in a war.
Her bird the owl is very wise,
But she is even more “bright-eyed”.
She is Zeus’s favorite daughter,
Born almost completely without a mother.
She is the goddess of crafts and she creates,
She is the warrior defending the state.
She could be the goddess of implacable fight,
But she is the goddess of wisdom and she is very bright.

Athena's family is very different she is related to a lot of different gods. Her uncle Poseidon and her do not get along very well.
Athena and Poseidon don't get along because one time both of them wanted to be in possesion of the city Attica. So Poseidon stuck the rock acropolis with his trident and then a salt water spring gushed out. Next Athena was mad so she planted an olive tree on acropolis.
An interesting story about Athena is about her birth. It is said that when Metis was pregnant with Athena Zeus ate Metis. Soon after he got a huge headache. So to cure his headache Hephaestus split his head open with an ax. From his head wound Athena leaped out with armor on with a cry of victory.
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