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George Washington

Facts about the 1st President of the U.S.

Jackie Barnett

on 15 January 2013

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Transcript of George Washington

George Washington
1st President
1789-1797 Birth: Feb. 22, 1732 Profession: Planter, Surveyor, Military Military Rank: General Married: Martha Custis 2 Step-Children Political Party: None because Washington opposed the idea of political parties. Age at Inauguration: 57 Number of terms: 2 Elected to 1st term with a unanimous electoral vote (1789) Major Events: 1st United States census (1790) Bill of Rights ratified (1791) Whiskey Rebellion (1794) Died: Dec. 14, 1799 Age at Death: 67 States Added: North Carolina (N.C.) (1789), Rhode Island (R.I.) (1790), Vermont (V.T.) (1791), Kentucky (K.Y.) (1792), and Tennessee (T.N.) (1796). Only President that didn't live in the White House. Was involved in the planning of the Capitol. Only President inaugurated in 2 cities - N.Y. & Philadelphia Owned false teeth made out of hippo ivory & lead, along with the teeth of sheep, cows & humans. He didn't however, own a pair of wooden teeth like the myth suggests he did. The 'I cannot tell a lie' story is a myth also. Was the 1st President to have his picture on a stamp. Namesake of Washington D.C. Wouldn’t shake hands

Great dancer
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