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Equal Opportunity Laws and Diversity

No description

Yeliza Villarreal

on 4 October 2012

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Transcript of Equal Opportunity Laws and Diversity

Inclusion Marital status Race Religion National Origin Disability Sexual Orientation Weight Age Gender Physical Appearance Result in Leads to Poor Supervision and
Management Liabilities Discrimination Law Suits
Litigation time and money
Legal fees/settlements
High employee turnover rates
Negative community image Because of An
Bad Cycle General Guidelines (cc) photo by theaucitron on Flickr Managing Diversity
Issues Positively Education and training the public about equal opportunity and diversity Support for companies' initiatives toward equal opportunity and diversity Advocacy for diversity The equal opportunity and diversity office
keeps things in balance in the workplace Consultation on best strategies for equal opportunity and diversity recruitment Conflict mediation and resolution Monitoring employers' equity and affirmative action goals Processing and resolving complaints Appropriate Questions Inappropriate Questions Checking on work record if another name is used Anything of personal nature such as gender or marital status Anything pertaining to race If job related questions about being bilingual or more Questions about place of birth and ancestry Gender or
marital status Race National Origin Citizenship,
status Questions pertaining to citizen status in any way such as naturalization Questions about availability and eligibility to work in the US Religion Questions about Religion specifically Availability to work Age A specific age 21 or older only for positions serving alcohol Disability Anything pertaining to one's health or a disability Questions that may discriminate against minorities Personal questions about arrest record, owning a car credit ratings to the type of military discharge Questions about conviction of a crime and any military service It's illegal to discriminate Hiring
firing Compensation, assignment, or classification of employees Transfer, promotion,
layoff, or recall Training and apprenticeship programs Job
advertisements Recruitment Use of
facilities Pay, retirement
plans, and
disability leave Terms and
conditions of employment in any aspect of employment Equality Promoting equal opportunity, diversity, and inclusion in the workplace sounds simple enough, but everyone knows it isn't. For years minorities were not- and still aren't treated equally. As a result the equal employment opportunity commission (EEOC) was established. The EEOC would be responsible for leading and coordination federal departments to enforce equal employment laws. Interviewing A simple rule to follow!!
If it is not job related don't ask!! Include everyone regardless of their... Cross Cultural Interaction Developing Increase Personal Awareness Recognize and Practice Learn about other cultures Maintain awareness, knowledge, and skill Cultural Bound Learning Methods Communication Cultural Differences Conclusion If all these steps are taken into consideration and followed the workplace can be a productive and enjoyable place to go for everyone. For businesses and communities not only to survive but to thrive each of us must be aware and sensitive to all member of our community. When all segments are respected and used, it benefits everyone involved. We are the most diverse nation in the world. Our ethnicity, religion, and life experience make each of us unique. Get to know your employees Treat your employees equitably but not uniformly Watch for an signs of harassment Foster a work climate of mutual respect Issues Gender Age Religion Physically and Mentally Challenged Culture Introduction Diversity Population Hospitality Workplace Fun Facts Business Understanding and embracing diversity is one of the critical importance in today's increasingly multicultural and diverse society. !!Equal Opportunity!!
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