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ECC - Topic 3

No description

Jenna Swan

on 27 June 2016

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Transcript of ECC - Topic 3

Week 3
Effective Communication in the Classroom
From last week...
Virtual Learning Environments
Test your ideas - Spreadsheets
Create - Spreadsheets
- Websearch strategies
- Wikis
- Blogs

e.g. BlackBoard, Moodle, LEO, Edmodo

Sign up
for an Edmodo account

the ECC GC-2014 group -

How could you design your digital resources in the future to enhance student learning using virtual learning environments?

What are some ways you could use VLEs in your future classroom (link to curriculum area)?

a short post in the discussion board or
an entry to your blog
a webquest on a topic that you could include in your wiki/educational resource and save it to your Diigo/Delicious account
(HINT: You could use some of your advanced websearching skills from last week)

the review table (Topic 3 notes, p. 4) to
the webquest you have chosen.

a brief review of the webquest in the 'ICT Tools, Sites, Software and Student Reviews' Forum on the Discussion Board.
(Don't forget to include the URL of the webquest).

the Teach ICT resources

of 10 [or more] different ways spreadsheets could be used in the classroom

of at least 5 different ways spreadsheets can be used in your curriculum area
What data should go into a
- cell?
- row?
- column?

How do you create a
- chart?
- graph?
- formula?
Create your own excel game
e.g. Battleships

How can you find resources and activities that have already been developed?
some online databases
- what information do databases contain?

the functions of Microsoft Access

at least two different databases for your curriculum area

Remember to consider classroom implementation
To take your learning further, see if you can find 5 new Excel functions that you couldn't do before

e.g. Conditional formatting
- lookup functions,
- if/then formula
One Note
- OneNote is a place for gathering, organizing, searching, and sharing notes, clippings, thoughts, reference materials, and other information

- All your notes will be visible here — organized by notebooks, sections, and pages. You can create them by clicking File > New.
Create your own!
Where to from here?
- Work on your assignment
- Explore Prezi, OneNote, Wiki
- Explore some of the other sites and resources
- Share some of your ideas and resources on the Discussion Board site
What are the common features about the webquests you have looked at?

at some examples and
your own


Stop. Think. Reflect.
How can you use ICT and the online environment in a potentially more engaging way?

How can you use ICT to support learners of different abilities or for students at different stages?
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