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The Wolf Of Wall Street

No description

Levi Pither

on 12 May 2015

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Transcript of The Wolf Of Wall Street

The Wolf Of Wall Street
Opening Sequence + Titles

The Video
Introduction of the stars
The main protagonist Jordan Belfort, who is played by Leonardo DiCaprio is introduced instantly. This has an effect on us as an audience to show him as the star or main character. He is introduced shouting derogatory terms and asking for an imbecilic task of the employees. Their reaction positive reaction to this shows that this is not out of the ordinary for him. It therefore represents him as a loud and confident character. Showing Leonardo DiCaprio straight away is star appeal and attracts people to the film because he is a recognised and highly critiqued actor. Rather than following the orthodox convention of showing the other characters in descending order of importance, Scorsese flaunts his lifestyle and highlights his egocentric mindset and this represents what goes wrong later on for this character. The lack of featuring of the deuteragonist, Jonah Hill as Donnie Azoff (i.e. Danny Porush), further represents the extent of the self-centered behavior by Belfort. The tritagonist Naomi Lapaglia (Margot Robbie) was only introduced because she is included in the package of his life style that is based around women, drugs and money.Leonardo working a lot with the real Jordan Belfort taking in account it is Belfort's memoir, allows his to nail to role of being egotistical as shown by the video attached.
Martin Scorsese
Martin Scorsese is the most nominated living director and is noted for his 5 collaborations with Leonardo DiCaprio. Martin Scorsese was fascinated by Belforts ignorance hence why he said "I wanted to try and find out what they were all thinking, and I wanted to find out how their minds worked. I was fascinated by their ignorance, and I wanted to know why they were acting that way.". This is what enabled him to represent Belfort's lifestyle so well.
The narrative in The Wolf Of Wall Street is what you would expect from a drama movie although the themes are fairly irregular (women, drugs and money). This is because they are what you would expect from an action movie. The narrative summarises the conventions of the movie. The narrative starts with a voice over while showing his lifestyle but then switches to Belfort speaking, this has a meaning. The fact that him showing his lifestyle is is a voice over and all his possessions are displayed gives a representation that he is to appear proud of his assets.
The Wolf Of Wall Street
The title 'The Wolf Of Wall Street' has great purpose. First of all it uses intertextuality, David Lamar known as the Wolf Of Wall Street in the early 1900s was a con-man notorious for impersonating members of congress. The metaphor 'The Wolf' was not purposed to represent authority in Wall Street it was meant to represent evil. Especially in a predominately Christian population and biblical views on the Wolf are that it is evil.
Paramount is considered one of the 'big six' movie companies of Hollywood. They have produced several successful movies such as:The Transformers, The Godfather and Star Trek. Paramount have investments in Dreamworks and The CBS Library which are very success in Media output.
Stratton Oakmont
Stratton Oakmont is the stock broking company that was founded by Jordan Belfort. This is the company he used to gain mass money through money laundering and the company that got him indicted so it is ironic that it is the first thing that you see. The continuous use of the lion imagery shows a theme of ignorance...
The Stratton Oakmont Lion reinforces the idea of ignorance in The Wolf Of Wall Street. A lion is just walking through the office and the employees do not even take notice. The lion is a metaphor for the ignorance on wall street and particularly with Jordan Belfort. As well as this the lion represents Jordan Belfort as the alpha male in Wall Street and certainly in Stratton Oakmont. The visual imagery of a lion shows his authority.
Marketing, promotion and distribution
How the genre is established
Lighting and props
This the tracking shot towards the end of the opening scene. This follows Belfort as is we are stepping into his footsteps. Therefore we can perhaps follow him through the ups and downs due to come since it is a drama film.
The rights to film Jordan Belforts memoir were bought by Warner bros in 2007. In 2010 they executed the project. in 2012 Red Granite Pictures hired Scorsese and chose Paramount Pictures to distribute the product.

The filming started in 2012 in New York City and other places were used for filming such as Closter(New Jersey), Harrison (New York) and Sands Point (New York).

The Budget for this film was $100 dollars. Very little of that was spent on the actors with the exception of Leonardo DiCaprio. Leo was paid $10 million dollars whereas Jonah Hill was paid $60,000 dollars. Quite a big proportion of the budget was spent on visual effects, there were 400-450 VFX in the film.

Main Cast List:
Leonardo DiCaprio - Jordan Belfort
Jonah Hill - Donnie Azoff
Margot Robbie - Naomi Lapaglia
Matthew McConaughey - Mark Hanna
Kyle Chandler - Patrick Denham
Rob Reiner - Max Belfort

The first trailer was released on the 16th June 2013, this featured Kanye West's single Black Skinhead. The second trailer was released in October 2013. It featured Blood Shot Eyes by Black Strobe Meth Lab Zoso Sticker by 7Horse and Hang You from the Heavens by Dead Weather.
The Genre is established by the use of the conventions of a Drama film. One of the many conventions of a drama film is that the audience can relate to the audience (preferred reading).

Another convention of a drama film is to watch the characters progressively develop. The Tracking shot used towards the end of the opening scene follows him down a path of stairs, to his car and then to work. This has an effect on the audience, the effect is it puts them in his shoes. This enables the audience to feel the climaxes and anti-climaxes (another convention) that this character will come against.

One of the sub-genres of this film is comedy. They use conventions of a comedy film such as bright, natural lighting to influence positive moods upon the audience.

The song currently playing is dust my broom by Elmore James. It is a non-diegetic sound therefore added through editing. It is very upbeat and fast, matching the tempo of the film. It is the first non-diegetic sound in the film. Before this Non-diegetic sound is used for the narrative of the Stratton Oakmont advertisement. It is a formal advertisement and very professional sounding which is ironic because we know of the un-professionalism.

The promotion of the film like all modern films had a range of promotion methods used to reach out to their target market. Social media was one the the prioritsed methods of promotion, there are Twitter and Facebook accounts created to expand their market. The two trailers attached above are the first and second trailers released for The Wolf Of Wall Street (the first on the left and the second on the left). Billboards and transport advertisement are the minor methods they use to promote their product.
The Wolf Of Wall Street was the first major film to be delivered entirely digitally. It was distributed worldwide by Paramount pictures.
Diegetic sound is sound that's source is visible on screen. The first diegetic sound we have is cheering and then Leonardo Dicaprio introducing himself offer $25,000 to the first person to hit a bullseye with a dwarf.
This close up on the Wall Street sign establishes the setting. Wall Street is known world wide and is recognised as a landmark of New York City. This shows the audience where the film is set and hints what the film might involve or have something to do with.
Low-key lighting
High-key lighting
The general representation is that 'Men have their needs' referring to a mans need to have sex. The protagonists in this shot is a stereotype. This is because he has a wife at home but still chooses to do this. Low key lighting is used in this scene to represent a sinful act. It creates a gloomy effect which reinforces the idea that he is doing wrong.
There is a close up on money and drugs. This highlights to the audience that they are two major themes in the film.
Sub-Genres : Biography, Comedy, Crime
Hairstyle and dress
The hair and dress through iconography shows us that this film was set in the 1990's. Formal dress and combed back hair.
Money is used as a prop in this shot. He offers $25,000 to the first person to throw a dwarf into a board. This represents the protagonists personality and wealth. To give away $25,000 you have to have a lot of money or an idiot. In this instants Belfort is both. This prop emphasises his financial and emotional freedom.
This tracking shot shows high-key lighting. It is used in this shot to represent the emotions shown, and represent them to the audience. it is no coincidence that high-key lighting associated with positive emotions is used while he is stating his daily drugs dosage. This affiliates drugs with happiness therefore shows the protagonists tendencies and when he is happiest.
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