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No description

Maryhelen Bustos

on 16 March 2016

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Transcript of Alcohol

Alcohol Monitoring

Install Begins
Court Order and Photo ID
Ensuring no duplicate account exsists

Passed Breathalyzer
Payment made (past due included)
Contract (PDF) fill out
HIPAA/Consent Form (1 per individual)
Picture of client (Netsuite)
Participant Video
Equipment checked for RMA/Maintenance
Enrolling client is proper Agency/Folder
Agency/Folder selected should be the referring county- Who ordered the device?
Entering info to Software
Setting the correct supervising authority as the Agent/Contact
Do we have the correct email address and contact number listed?
SL2 Web Portal
ID Number matches Netsuite ID
Employment Info
Correct Region & Location
Correct Court & Judge selected
Name entered matches court paperwork
Format Name: Last Name, First Name Middle Initial
Select correct time zone
Enter all personal info under Profile
Cause/Case/Probation ID#
First address line
Contact set up for automatice reports
Contact OPTED IN to receive notification
Ensured all equipment is assigned to client
Installed device securely around the ankle
Initial baseline reading taken
Assign Equipment
3 practice test submitted
Select Master Photo
Facial Recognition is Active
Breath Testing Schedule
Mobile Number Entered
Correct Timezone
1 hr
Testing Window
Enable Schedule
Enable Retesting
Testing Schedule set up and client given a copy
Final Steps
Checking in Equipment
Notes Notes Notes
Install/Reinstall Checklist
Removal Checklist
Review contract with client
Client and RHC sign all related fields on the contract
Scan contract and provided to client
Notice of Installation form emailed to referring agency
Attach all appropriate paperwork to Netsuite
Update Device Assignment tab in Netsuite
Walk client through downloading process
Schedule client to report for monthly inspection
Assigned Officers contact info
Where Maintenance is performed
Medical conditions/prescriptions
Need for a translator
Payment received, passed breathalyzer, reviewed participant agreement, Q&A, assigned all equipment successfully
Next scheduled appointment
For SCRAM CAM- walked client through manual download successfully
For Breathalyzer- Client provided with device, 2 testing straws, a protective case and the charger. Client submitted 3 practice test successfully
Court Order and/or proper documentation authorizing removal of device
Verify the removal documentation
Scan/copy the documentation provided
Removal Begins
Does the client have all of the equipment in his/her possession?
Bill client for any lost/damaged/stolen items
Ensure client pays the remaining balance in full
SCRAM CAM Exit Survey
*If not, restitution form should be signed*
Inspect all equipment for visual damage
Compared to the inspection form
All equipment has been unassigned
Equipment placed into proper inventory
Equipment properly sanitized and stored in your designated inventory area
Every removal performed requires the following notes be entered into the system:
Removal reason, what type of documentation provided and verification
Equipment returned and the condition/if any billable damage assessed
Amount paid and, if applicable, restitution form signed
Notice of removal form sent and to whom it was sent to
Final Steps
Notice of removal
Referring Agency
Notice of Removal attached to Netsuite
Update Device Assignment tab
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