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Zappos - Deliver WOW.

Presentatoin by Rahul JR

Rahul JR

on 5 October 2012

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Transcript of Zappos - Deliver WOW.

Build Open and Honest Relationships
With Communication Zappos Family Core Values Zappos proved
the speediest,
posting an
average response time
of 54 minutes and 37 seconds 54 Zappos replies to
82% of tickets
within an hour. 82 Zappos responded to
of customer service questions
on Twitter
within 24 hours
of the question’s post. 100 Zappos Deliver WOW through customer service JR More than 50% of Facebook users, and 80% of Twitter are interested to get support via the online social medium. Expect the response in day which needs to be an FCR. --->Source: Consumer Views of Live Help Online 2012, A Global Perspective, Oracle 17% of customers age 16-34 said companies could most drastically improve customer experience by “responding quickly when I ask a question on Twitter.”> Source: 2012 Sitel Study "When customers have
a problem with a product,
57% of consumers
(including 71% of 16-24 year olds,
65% of 25-34 year olds, and
64% of 35 to 44 year olds)
search for a solution online first."
-Sitel Study Zappos answers to our most commonly asked questions via the FAQ. Importantly they have the FAQ links listed in the "Email Us" form itself. Stats to be maintained during a call:
Speed to Answer
Less Call Abandonment rate
Less Call Transfer rate
First call resolution
Appropriate call duration (maintaining good, average call duration)
High customer satisfaction rate

Important in a phone call

Reach an agent quickly
Resolve issue quickly
Friendly interaction and building a rapport
Enough access information to resolve the query
Good communication skill
Product/domain knowledge Average response time - Less than an hour
Increase interaction via social medium - 100% response
Phone call Inbound - customers should reach the agent as quickly as possible
Outbound - Reach the customers on time
Good communication skill and product knowledge
Improving online help tools : FAQ, Knowledge base, Videos,. Acknowledgment mail : Zappos does this. Take Away
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