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State of the District

No description

Angela Barrett

on 18 February 2011

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Transcript of State of the District

Cozy W. Marks, III., President
Director, Product Marketing-Poly/Gas/Byproducts, MEMC

Nancy Hartman, Secretary
Retired Educator

Joyce McRath, MBA Vice President
Online Advocate and Business Instructor, Missouri College

Dr. Edward Haynie, Treasurer
Science/Math Consultant, EDUCO International Inc.

William H. Humphrey Senior, Director
District Director, Pathfinder District, Greater St. Louis Area Council Boy Scouts of America

Sheila Williams, Director
Retired Educator

Ed James, Director
Project Accountant, Jacobs Engineering EDUCATIONAL PHILOSOPHY
Lawrence believes that collaborative ventures between schools, families, the business and faith-based communities must be promoted to build capacity in schools during times when resources are dwindling and demands are escalating. He feels that all children can and must learn and achieve at high levels. Teachers must demonstrate the ability and the desire to educate each child at a high level, but the district has an obligation to quantify and specify the nature of work teachers are to do. When everyone works together, we will better enable students to achieve more and at a faster pace.
• Leadership Development Manager in the Houston Independent School District
• High School Principal in the Houston Independent School District
• Superintendent of Schools in the Wilmer-Hutchins Independent School District in Dallas, Texas
• Senior Division Director, Division of District Effectiveness & Compliance (Texas Education Agency), Austin, Texas
• Elementary School Principal in the Dallas Independent School District
• High School English Teacher in the Dallas Independent School District
• College Writing Instructor at Jarvis Christian College, Hawkins, Texas
• Doctor of Education (Ed.D.) in Educational Administration, The University of Texas at Austin - Austin, Texas
• Master of Education (M.Ed.) in Educational Administration, The University of Texas at Austin - Austin, Texas
• Bachelor of Arts (BA) in English, Prairie View A&M University - Prairie View, Texas
• Teaching Certification in English and Journalism, Prairie View A&M University - Prairie View, Texas
• Texas and Missouri Superintendent Certification
• Member: American Association of School Administrators; Texas Association of School Administrators; Missouri Association of School Administrators; National Association of Black School Educators; Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development; Board of Directors, Beyond Housing; Educational Leadership Council, The University of Missouri-St. Louis
• Vice-Chair, CharacterPLUS Superintendent's Council
Alignment of student-staff ratio (winter 2009)
Compensation Study
8 of 11 Principals new in SY11
Strategic Plan
New School Building
Beyond Housing Partnership
Technology Upgrade
9th Grade Academy
Carpenters Union
Reach Out to Dropouts
High School Theme-Based Academies
METS Middle School Academy
6th Grade Center
Viking Quest Academy/Parent University The State of the District A district that is . . . Our Vision Who are we? District Overview Our Vision Visioning July - Sept 2010 Oct - Dec 2010 Barack Obama Elementary Friday, February 11, 2011
Lucas Crossing Elementary Complex
11:30 a.m. Dr. Stanton E. Lawrence, Superintendent of Schools Nearly 5000 Students
More than 600 Employees
11 Campuses
24 Municipalities
1 District Students who are . . . Recognized for Sustained High Academic Achievement
Active and Productive Citizens
Living Productive Lives that are Personally Rewarding and a Credit to Society Recognized as a High Performing System Committed to Continuous Improvement
Acting According to its Values
Enriching the Communities it Serves Our Mission The Normandy School District provides the experiences and support necessary for students to become life-long learners who are productive, contributing members of society. By the numbers . . . Our Values Trustworthiness Responsibility Respect Caring Citizenship Ethics Fairness Focus on the Future Meet DESE Resource Standards for personnel.
Develop a Retirement Incentive Plan.
Increase the percentage of employees stating that the district is a good employer.
Develop, implement and evaluate a Professional Training Plan.
Administer and evaluate an employee performance evaluation system. Meet DESE Academic Requirements
Develop, implement & evaluate "Pacing Guides" and "Priority Objectives" for each grade, subject and course.
Develop, implement & evaluate an instructional system that engages students in rigorous academic work and leads them to success in that work. Employees Academic Transformation Plan
Strategic Focus Areas Students, parents and community Finance and Operations Increase parental support and involvement.
Increase the percentage of students reporting the Normandy School District as favorable.
Establish, sustain and evaluate a district culture conducive to student and employee learning and district success.
Design, implement and evaluate a program to welcome new parents and students. District viewed/rated as "Safe."
Establish a continuous improvement program that operates in every department/unit.
Increase the percentage of residents reporting the district operates with financial responsibility, integrity and efficiency.
Continue implementation and development of district's new management software systems.
Manage and improve key work processes.
Provide necessary funds. Governance and Administration Continue to strengthen the Board-Superintendent leadership team.
Develop, implement and evaluate a district-wide system of continuous improvement.
Develop and implement a balanced scorecard reporting system.
Evaulate current grade level organizational structure and campus attendance boundaries. Special Initiatives Facilities Consruction of Barack Obama Elementary
District-wide Roof Repair Project
High School Renovations Academic 9th Grade Academy
Career Academies
Reach Out to Dropouts
21st Century After School Programs
STEM Academy
Viking Quest Academy
Instructional Technology partnerships Operations Data Driven Decision Making
Processs Improvement Project
Automated Position Control
HR Payroll Module
21st Century Technology Growth Model
Value Added Model
Pay for Performance 2010 Reorganization Results Total Cost Savings: $1,513,238 OUR hopes and dreams . . . "If we know where we want to go and how we want to get there, we have a better chance of reaching our destination--Destination World Class" . . . are to continue to be a school district of excellence. We are your public school district. You are our Shareholders. We thank you, our partners who contribute regularly to help our students succeed. You are truly appreciated for all you do. Academic Snapshot Weight Room
Central Hall
Band Room
Exterior Upgrades
Campus Signage
Banners Often, great opportunities come our way disguised as challenges. We are improving.
We will become a world class organization. Grade Levels Reconfiguration
Improving Teacher Quality Future Charting a New Course for Normandy School District Academic gains are predicted by as much as 13.7% in Communication Arts. Academic gains are predicted by as much as 12% in Mathematics. Content Areas University of Missouri collaborations, past and present Office of Precollegiate Programs
Community Partnership Project
Students of Service
College of Education
College of Nursing
Office of Alumni and Community Relations
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