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Principles of Management(Final Project)

Final Project

Muneeb Azam

on 25 February 2015

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Transcript of Principles of Management(Final Project)

Group Members
Muneeb Azam
Muhammad Shoaib
Bilal Ahmed Bhutta

Products by NetSol technologies
Background/History of NetSol Technologies
Salim Ghauri is the founder of organization.
Started its operations in 1995
IT solutions for the Financial and leasing Industry, Health care, Government, Defense, Manufacturing and Telecom.

NetSol Financial Suite
NetSol’s Hospital Management Information System
Land Records and Management Information System
Electronic Credit Information Bureau
Motor Transport Management Information System
Facilitati n

C re Strategy of the
Mission Statement
“To be number one IT solution provider in Asia pacific for the leading sectors and to be the best IT company in Pakistan.”
“Deliver high quality innovative and best in class IT solutions and services to help the customers achieve their business objectives and operational efficiencies.”
Product & Project Based IT company
“People First” strategy
Life cycle stage
Structure of the Organization
Vertical however not very tall
Three managerial levels
All the three levels of management are decentralized
Project based encourage effective team work
Roles and Responsibilities
of the HR Department
Roles and Responsibilities
of HR
Established in 1999
Mission and vision statements
Acquire human resource
Train the human resources
Build good labour relations
Facilitation techniques
Human resource planning
internal and external supply analysis
Firing or laying off employees
Job design
Job analysis
Job description
Job specification
and Development

Retain qualified employees
Increase or maintain morale
Encourage peak performance
Achieve internal and external equity
Reduce turnover
Fringe benefit (Pick and drop, gym, dinners, etc)
Social security
Availability of first aid
Emergency exit
Safety training
Job Description
Comments On
How HR Works
Employee Survey
Great compensation and motivation techniques
Highly efficient hiring criteria
Follow the People first strategy
Training facilities
Promotion of healthy employee-employee and boss-employee relationships
Lack of incentives for over timing employees
Low income after retirement
Thank You!
Working Environment
Stress Level
Job Satisfaction

Job identification
date of job analysis
Job summary (required responsibilities)
Job specifications (technical requirements and required qualifications)
Duties to be performed
Job Specification
"Align human resource capital with corporate objectives."
Mission Statement
"To attract, develop, reward, retain and motivate valuable human asset by ensuring highest level of employee satisfaction."
Direct Financial Compensation
Base pay
Overtime pay
Bonuses or Merit pay
Indirect Financial Compensation
Stock options
Medical facilities
Life insurance
Other compensations
Stair step model
Labor Relations
Business management training
Product knowledge training
Technology training
Information security training
Language and communications skill training
Knowledge sharing sessions
Feedback on
Gift University
Computer Science
Information Security Management System
Organizational Development
No union culture
Formal grievance mechanism
HR appointed officials
Anonymous complaint box
Direct reporting
• Conducted twice an year
• Objectives of Appraisals
– To identify the training
– To identify the need for increments
• Measures the competencies and the goal achievement
• Rating Scale
• Behaviorally Anchored Rating Scale
Corporate profile http://www.netsoltech.com/apac/resource/downloads/lang/en
Product info
Services info
Aim of the project
To discuss the operations and strategies of NetSol Pakistan from an Organizational Behavior perspective
Enterprise Data World
Data Scan
International Decisions System

Leadership Style
The leadership style of Netsol is Democratic.
They involve employees in decision making process.
Motivational Enviorment
Motivating themself and other employees is part of the Netsol culture. Netsol doesn't have an explicit practice of asking team members to commit or "sign up" for a project, but it isn't uncommon for an employee who expresses doubt about meeting a deadline to be asked whether he or she is signed up
Organization Heroes
Shahab Ghauri(Chairman of Board)
Salim Ghauri(Director and ceo)
Managerial Practices
Employee Empowerment
CEO said that when he started Netsol technologies, he believed he could make a difference and change the world through technology.
That belief holds true today and together, they are empowering people to do more with the services, tools, applications, and softwares they build.
Ethical Dilemmas
The ethical dilemmas faced by Netsol are that wether to gave importance to interests of empoyees or to interests of customers.
Netsol follow People first strategy and believes that their success depends on People.
They set high ethical standards at Netsol and expect every employee to live up to those standards.
As a Netsol employee, you are expected to maintain a commitment to high ethical standards and conduct Netsol’s business with integrity.
Sources of Employee Empowerment
Social business software is a suite of tools that allows employees to communicate with each other.
Employees simply log into the social intranet.
They can begin to collaborate with one another and work to find solutions to whatever issues may be at hand.
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