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Photoelectric effect

No description

Richard Datwyler

on 13 March 2017

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Transcript of Photoelectric effect

Photoelectric effect
(binding energies)

The photoelectric effect consists of a vacuum chamber that has a capacitor in it, shown here connected to an anode and a cathode. Light is allowed to fall upon one side of the capacitor and if there is enough energy in the light, electrons will break off the surface and travel across to the other side. In this circuit a current will be detected only when the incident light is right.
The particle nature of light says the the KE is fixed from a given wavelength and intensity will allow more, but no change in KE, because it is tied to wavelength
The wave nature of light says that intensity and energy are related and the more light the more the current will be, but has nothing to do with wavelength
And the answer is, particle nature, the KE is found from knowing the wavelength coming in and the binding energy often called the work function Wo.
What is the maximum kinetic energy of electrons ejected from barium (Wo = 2.48 eV) when illuminated by white light (400-750 nm)
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