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Science S'mores

No description

Oriana Hansell-Pune

on 29 November 2016

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Transcript of Science S'mores

Science S'mores
Pizza box
Materials from home
Pizza Box Or shoe box
Tape clear and duct tape
Tin foil
Skewer ( to keep the box lid standing)

Materials at School:
Black Paper

How to make the pizza Box
End result
Making the box
This is what we want ours to look like !!!!
Mark 3 lines at the top of the box 2 inches from the outside
Then cut
along the three lines until you've made a flap
Cut and measure tinfoil to line the bottom of the box apply glue to the bottom of the box
Lay tinfoil down and smooth apply glue to the flap and attach a piece of tinfoil to the flap
Next cut a piece of black construction that is smaller than the bottom of the pizza box
tape the black paper to the middle of the box
Get some glad wrap and glad wrap the hole in the box and make sure it sealed properly poke a hole in the box and add 2 thin piece of tape so u can take it to the box once you have taped it to the box put the other end in the hole you poked before And it will hold your box lid up
By Phoenix Russell
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