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No description

John Miller

on 19 February 2016

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Transcript of David

It was the year 1856 and my name is jack and I wanted to go to new york city to california.To have a better life.To have a better life and a good job us a airplane to migrate to a new place.
Why did I migrate
where did I go
During my life time I work hard to get money and I got lot of money so I can be rech.To be good at it.
I got here
Some Hard thing
The first thing I went to my aunts house to sleep their for the night and I go find a home to live in.Then i find a jod and I work at sudway.
Some hard thing I had to face is a lots of air planes to get to california even lots of ships and that is all.
Change the california
I change my community by teachearn people my langwich to other people that live in california people.
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