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Religion Ch.9

Facts about Ch.11

parker healey

on 16 May 2011

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Transcript of Religion Ch.9

Ch.9 Exploration and Evangelization BY:Daniel berger and parker healey Saint Rose of Lima First canonized saint of the Americas
Patron saint of South America and the Philippines
Committed herself to prayer and penance and to help those who were sick, hungry, and suffering in general Saint Martin de Porres Best friends with St. Rose
First African American Saint
Lived from 1579-1639
Cared for many sick people and animals
Entered Third Order of St. Dominic
Founded an orphanage, children's hospital, and
an animal shelter for homeless dogs and cats Juan Diego "Cuauhtlatoatzin"
The Virgin Mary appeared to him
AKA Our Lady of Guadalupe and told
him to build a church on the top of a
nearby hill
The bishop said no but was finally
convinced after three miracles by the Mother
Mary Saint Marguerite Bourgeoys 1620-1700
Built the first school in a stable in New France, 1658
She founded the Sisters of the Congregation de Notre-Dame
that is still in work today
She was the first woman saint in Canada's Church The Church In Africa Saint Charles Lwanga was a leader in the royal
court in his area in Africa and was a catechist
He and other Africans tried to protest the king
from sexually abusing young African men and were
martyred in the process Key Terms Canonize- To declare a saint of the Church

Patron Saint- A saint known and named the leader type of saint for a specific cause

Evangelization- The proclamation of Christ through words Saint Francis Xavier:
1.Called the Apostles of India and Japan.
2. Born on April 7, 1506
3. St. Ignatious of Loyola and St. Francis teamed up and founded the Jesuit order.
4. He set out to the middle east but ended going to many other different countries in Europe, Asia, and Africa. He learned and preached in many languages, cared for many sick people, and made a catechism in the process.
5.He also went to Japan and baptized more than 2,000 people.
6.He then tried to got to China, but later died of a fever on December 3, 1552.
7. In 1622, St. Francis was canonized
8.St.Francis Xavier and St. Thérése of
Lisieux together, were named the patron Saints of all missionaries.
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