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International Student Immersion Programs

International Student Immersion Programs

Isabel Chou

on 18 September 2014

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Transcript of International Student Immersion Programs

International Student Immersion Programs
Intensive focus on writing
Short program
No mention of university skill building

Depauw University
Name: Summer English Immersion Institute
Length: 2 weeks
Tuition and fees: $1250 (Does not including cost of books, supplies, travel expenses)
Take a writing-intensive First-Year Seminar
Attend cultural activities and excursions
Live in university dormitories

Depauw University
Extensive majors to choose from
Free private tutoring
Higher costs
No mention of university skill building

Cornell University
Cornell University
Kean U.S.A
Depauw University
Current University Immersion programs

Student attended one year of university (top 5) in Taiwan and is currently on her third exchange quarter at UCSD.

Suggestions for new international students:
Learn how to do a critical analysis, debates, and discussions in person and online.
Citations are done differently in papers in the US. There are different ways to quote someone and to give them credit. Learn the difference.
Paper formatting, such as MLS, are not taught in school. Learn them before you have to write a paper.
Student attend one year of a university (top 30) in Brazil before he joined the study abroad exchange program at UC San Diego. Currently in his second quarter at UCSD.

Suggestions for new international students:
Do not quote Wikipedia. Use the sources from Wikipedia to the credible articles.
Learn how to correctly use citations and quotations so you are not plagiarizing.
Paraphrase other people’s work rather than use quotes all the time.
Examine the types of problems student face
Research the types of programs currently offered
Determine whether or not current programs sufficiently assist student with their needs

By Isabel Chou


Current programs are useful but none of them mention the some of the academic issues students face.
This presentation is meant to bring light to the lack of support international students have in facing these common issues.
Universities have orientations that help their own international students, but there is a market to assist International Students to become better applicants rather than after they have already been accepted.

Social outings and cultural immersion
Limited choices of university courses
No mention of university skill building

Kean U.S.A
Name: English Immersion International
Length: 7 weeks
Tuition and fees: $2400
Room and Board: $3100
Total: $5500 (Does not including cost of books, supplies, travel expenses)
Two courses
One 3 credit English courses
One 3 credit university course
Local trips to New Jersey and New York City
Visits to public schools and businesses
Live in University apartments

Kean U.S.A

Name: English Immersion: Academic English for Non-Native Speakers
Length: 6 weeks long
Tuition and fees, Room and board: $11,950
Required Medical Insurance: $255
Total: $12,205 (Does not including cost of books, supplies, travel expenses)
Earn college credit by taking two courses
One 3 unit Academic Writing course
One Cornell university course in various majors
Attend cultural activities
Live in University dormitories
Individual tutoring at the Knight institute walk-in writing services

Cornell University
Classroom skills:
Teaching Assistants
Career/ Counseling/ Tutoring Centers
Online resources
What students need to know:
Student attended University(top 20) in Iran for 3 years, and completed his senior year at UCSD. Student is currently taking his last summer session.

Suggestions for new international students:
Professors give more opportunities in the US, such as extra credit, use them. However, Teaching Assistants (TA’s) usually have all the power in grades.
Follow deadlines, policies, and formats. Know the difference between different type of paper formats, quotes, and citation regulations. Penalties for breaking such rules, such as tardiness or late assignments, can hurt your grade.
There are more resources in the US: Tutor center, career center, counseling center, use them when you can. The are also online podcasts, online libraries, creditable internet resources that one can use.
Know how to paraphrase and knowing what is considered plagiarism (get the idea, do your own research)

Student interview
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