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Copy of Fremont High School

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zadiamond landon

on 26 August 2015

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Transcript of Copy of Fremont High School

Fremont High School
Jonathan Kozol's Purpose
Kozol wrote the article to bring light to the problems in a lower class school. Kozol brought that to light because they are a lower class,and that they don't have the funding that's needed. Therefore, the students aren't able to function properly as a school, or further their education to the next level.
Major problems
Overcrowded classrooms ( 36-40 students in one classroom)
Courses given to students that aren't needed.
Students reading levels are below than excepted( fourth and fifth grade level)
Limited Resources ( no books, and library always closed)
''Rich'' vs ''Poor''
The poor schools can not provide the necessary materials for the students , because they don't have enough funds .They do not have the materials that wealthy schools have. For example, a lesser school would have a ten year old text book verses a wealthy school that will have the latest text books and materials. This isn't fair because all students should be given equal opportunities to have a better education, and to be successful. There shouldn't be any such thing as a poor or wealthy school.
Dear Board of Education,
I am a teacher at Freemont High School. I am writing to you about the problems we have here. The student's levels in each subject are below acceptable. Some children read on a fourth or fifth grade level, while others read on the appropriate levels. So many students are on different paths, and it's hard to come up with lessons or work for all of paths.

In many of the classrooms here, there aren't enough classrooms for all the students. In five of my classes, I have 36-40 students in one classroom. The classroom is so crowded and there isn't air conditioner. In the summer, it gets too hot that causes the students to not focus on the lesson. Many of the books are outdated and aren't enough for each student to have their own book. Other schools that have "money" have enough for each student, and the classroom ratio students to teacher is 25:1.

The school is falling apart. The students can't use the "avaiable"resouces here because the school is always under construction. My students tell me that they try to use the library on multiple occasions,and they couldn't because one of three things were happening: the library was closed, there was a faulcty meetinhg going on, or the library was under construction. The library is a very needed resource because many students don't have community libraries near their homes.

I want my children to be prosperous and succeessful in life. I come to work everyday to support them .The school doesn't have a lot of teachers, so therefore, substitutes are at the school three to four times a week. How are we suppose to support and enourage the students to come to school, if we don't do it ourselves. This school needs teachers that are going to be dedicated to come to school,and teach these students.

Thank you,for taking time to read a few of my concernes we have here at Freemont High School.

Sincerley ,
Mrs. William

Thank you
Za'Diamond Landon
Levesa Ashe
Jakiyah Stinson
Jasmine Funna
Tashe Mikell
Jaylon Wright
Breanna Bryant
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