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No description

Abbey P

on 12 August 2013

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Transcript of Channeary

What are the main themes of the novel?
In the book Channeary, there are many different themes that make the book interesting and intriguing.
War played a big part in the book, such as the Khmer Rouge attack and when Channeary and Heng went for a short walk and they saw people being killed and hurt from the soldiers. Channeary gets offered a job to care for and cure the refugees that have come back from war-torn places and walking/moving away from the corruption.

In the novel there are many beliefs and religions. Channeary and her family are strongly religious Buddhist's. Channeary carries a little Buddha around everywhere she goes and when there is deaths or hard times she takes it out and prays for the best. Also in the book there is the monkshood religion at the wat and she makes a great friendship with Sri.

'All power to Angkar!'-soldiers of the Angkar side
Channeary has a great love for her family and friends. She has to regain her love every time she loses someone. Channeary lost her old family on the journey to the border and she was taken in by Mary and her husband. Channeary loved helping all the hurt and suffering refugees at the hospital with the help of Mary (her foster mum)

'We must take care of our dead'-Mith
When Channeary goes through the jungle she experiences the hazardous and grueling surroundings. When walking through the jungle Channeary had to be careful of all the diseases that could potentially kill her. When Channeary's family leave her she has to learn to take on challenges by herself.

'I don't want you to...I don't want you to! Please...'-Channeary
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