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A2 Sociology Crime and Deviance lesson 10

Social factors and crime

Amanda Lane

on 7 October 2013

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Transcript of A2 Sociology Crime and Deviance lesson 10

Lesson Objective:
To identify and assess the social factors that influence crime.
Some approximate facts for you to mull over.....
91% of the UK population is white
5% are Asian
2% are Afro-Carribean
2% are Mixed other
There are approximately 80,000 men in prison in the UK.....
74% are White
15% are Afro-Carribean
7% are Asian
4% are Mixed
There are currently
people in the UK
So what percentage of the Afro-Carribean population of the UK is in prison?
1,244,375 of the total population is Afro-Carribean
There are approx 12,000 in prison.
Therefore approx 1% of total black population is in prison.
Compared to 0.1% of white population, 0.2% Asian and 0.1% of mixed race.
So why are there so many Afro-Carribeans in prison?
Is the legal system biased?
There are more 'stop and search' actions against black men.
Black men are more likely to be arrested
The police use racially abusive language.
Institutional racism
Procedures and practices that exclude non-white people.
Case study:
Stephen Lawrence
Black men are not more criminal than White, Asian or any other ethnic group.
Underachievement of young black boys in school leads to lack of self confidence, lack of opportunity for further education and employment.
Black families are more likely to consist of a lone-parent than that of white families.
The influence of black media culture.
How would you evaluate ethnicity as a social factor of crime?
Women and Crime:
Most sociological theory on crime is generally related to men....
Why do you think this is?
Can existing theory be applied to female crime?
Strain Theory?
Subcultural Theory?
Labelling Theory?
Marxist Theory?
Feminism and crime
According to feminists, female crime is on the increase.
Most crime amongst women is committed by working class females.
Class deal/Gender deal breakdown.
Single women
On the other hand, there is plenty of evidence to suggest that most women do NOT commit crime....
How would you evaluate gender as a social factor of crime?
Women are more likely to be the victims of crime than the criminal...
Being controlled by the prospect of a well paid job and the ability of buying consumer goods.
The prospect of meeting a good man and starting a family.
What aspects of Institutional Racism does the Stephen Lawrence case highlight?
Why are young black men underachievers?
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