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Non-metals in our HOMES

No description

Pia Kuebel

on 30 October 2013

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Transcript of Non-metals in our HOMES

Non-metals in our HOMES
Elements in our kitchen
In the kitchen, there are many elements which can be found. Though, only a few are non-metals. A few of such non-metals, would be silicon. We also use types of plastics, oxygen and neon. Even though there are not a lot of non-metals in our kitchen, a lot of such are found as compounds. A mixture of two elements.
Elements in our bedrooms
Even though most of the objects in our bedrooms are compounds, there are a few objects which are only created with the pure element. A few of such would be oxygen (of course), chlorine for cleaning our bathrooms (is only used as a compound, at room temperature, it is a gas), neon for decorations and fluorine for the tooth paste.
Elements in our bathrooms
A common non-metal used in our bathrooms is iodine. Iodine is a brown solution which is used to clean wounds. Iodine contains chemicals which kill bacteria. Bacteria in open wounds are the most common in cuts or scratches. Another elements would be chlorine. Of course, chlorine is a gas at room temperature and HIGHLY poisonous.We only use chlorine as a solution, mixed with other solutions to clean bacteria off our toilets or taps.
Elements in our living rooms
Even though we might not believe it, there are non-metals and metals in our living room. A few metals would be in cables, a few non-metalsd such as silicon in or on our TV's and computers.Another non-metal would be neon to lighten up the room or to decorate it.
Even though we might not think that elements surround us in our garden, there are a few elements, from which non-metals, are very important to water or decorate our garden. When barbecuing, we use all kinds of inflammable solutions to heat our fire. We also use coal to let our fire burn. Another non-metal in our garden, would be oxygen. We also use chlorine solution to clean our pool.
Elements in our homes!
There are many different elements in our homes. A few of them are also non-metals. The following presentation will talk about a few of the non-metals existing in our homes.Other places in which we could find non-metals would be doing homework. We use pencilswhich contain graphite to do our homework. We would also find different elements inside the air we breathe. Air contains: oxygen,nytrogen, a bit of argon and CO² (carbon dioxide). Other elements we would find at home would be: magnesium,carbon and Barium. All three are found in fireworks. But there are of course a lot more.
Elements in our garden
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