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transportation in the Victorian era

No description

elijah yeahpau

on 10 December 2012

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Transcript of transportation in the Victorian era

transportation in
the Victorian era by Elijah Yeahpau
and Hunter Shores horses were used to pull carriages but only for the people who could afford it. A person named A.J Hanson invented the the Hanson cab which was a carriage that was pulled by horses.It was also used in the movie
Sherlock Holmes.Him and his partner could both fit but three could be tight squeeze. Carriages later the Clarence was invented to hold more than two people More about carriages Horse drawn carriages were very popular at the time but only upper class [rich] could only afford them at the time , and they were a very good way of transportation during the Victorian era. Open horse carriages were not as expensive but they still did cost a-lot of money mostly for middle class [average] people they were used when the weather was cloudy/warm and sunny. FUN FACTS!!!!!! walking was the most popular way of getting around the city. it was the cheapest way,too. people could cross the London bridge because it was built for people who walked . Trains and steam the steam train was invented by the end of the Victorian era,many people used the train to travel fast from place to place.the steam train was also used to deliver mail.another thing that was delivered was materials like iron and coal.There were different types of railway systems,one was called an underground railway which is the subway,today. http://www.dbsaddlerytn.com/Images/Polly_at_R__S.jpg Steam boats Steam boats and steam ships were first ever steam ships in the era.They made it easier to trade over ocean.Steam was like was exciting to them like the iPhone is to us. biking Biking was a popular way to get around in the Victorian era but it was mainly for the middle class.this was invented before carriages so it was very expensive until the carriages were made.People who would bike could use it to travel or to communicate with others. more carriages there were very expensive carriages that didn't need horse.These were carriages that used steam.People came up with different ideas using steam.The steam carriage was only for high class people who could afford it.Another carriage was called the Phaeton which was an open carriage that women really liked.The carriage was light so it could travel at a decent speed. buses and trams buses were public transportation that were for anyone who could afford it. Trams were used to hold a certain amount of people,trams originally were pulled by horses until steam was used.this was another form of transportation Stagecoaches Another form off transportation was called a stagecoach and this was first introduced at the beginning of the Victorian era.There were 3 major ones the mail coach,the mud coach and the road coach.The mail coach was of course was used to mail letters or anything else.The mud coach was a smaller,lighter model that anyone who could afford it.The road coach was for roads that were build. Thanks for watching!
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