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Michelle Hunt

on 28 April 2010

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Transcript of FutureTechnologies

Future Technologies
Apple iCup

The Apple iCup will allow uses to have a hot drink
anywhere and whenver they want as long as a Apple notebook is wthin range.. The Apple iCup enables users of an Apple notebook to link their iCup to the notebook and be able to heat up their drink anywhere they want via bluetooth or using a USB cable. Home Appliances Flying rain catcher

These clever devices have the ability to launch from
their launching station(otherwise known as and collect rain then purify it
so that the water is drinkable for the user. The launching station can read fingerprints and know the type of additives that need to be added to the water in order to make it healthy for the drinker. Transport Bionic Concept Car

In 2030 the Bionic concept
car would be able to use. This car is
solar powered and is eco-friendly. Moreover
the Bionic concept car will be designed to change
its shape in different situations. It can hold 2 people
and the driver will be able to control the reshaping options. E-Commuter

This car is also eco-friendly. It is powered by two sources, mainly solar panels but also by easy attachable/detachabble outer batteries. The wheels save a lot of energy and the car can go up to 120mph silently and without creating any emmisions. Thank you for watching =]
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