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Copy of Abbas Ibn Firnas.

Exploring the Muslim heritage in our world

sweet_nono alkaabi

on 30 May 2011

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Transcript of Copy of Abbas Ibn Firnas.

Abbas Ibn Firnas.. Who am I ? Abu al-Qasim bin Abbas bin Firnas Vrdas barbaric.
born in 810 AD in Andalusian and died in Cordoba in 887 AD.
Had an interest in mathematics, astronomy, chemistry and physics.
Known for his attempt to fly. What did I invent? Al-Maqata .
Related throat.
Glass industry.
Aviation. History books.
Memorials erected for the inventor of this world.
Stories and novels
His achievements in chemistry and astronomy books . How do we know about this invention? Where did he do most of his work on this invention? In Cordoba lived his life there and the experimenting and inventions. Born in Andalusian , then moved to Cordoba.
(Koranic schools) .
(Mosque of Cordoba) .
(councils, literary) .
(treatment) . Where was he brought up and schooled? Al-Maqata .
Related throat.
Glass industry.
Aviation. What was the benefit of his invention to the people of his time? Glass: Used in many Snaaap has great significance.
Protractor: used in engineering, construction, mathematics and astronomy.
Planetarium: tourist attraction and is one of the most important achievements of Muslims in the art, architecture and astronomy.
Aviation: led to the manufacture of aircraft and gliders.
Almiqata: watchmaking. Break a rib when his attempt at flight.
Life was simpler and less resources. What is the benefit of his invention to us today? What were the difficulties that he faced? Because the inventions belonged to people who tried to develop only and is not invented.
because of this lack of awareness. Why is this person not well known today? Attributed the invention of the aircraft to the Wright Brothers.
And theories of chemistry and physics for scientists West. Who is usually credited with this invention? Is there a monument or tomb that people visit? Postage stamp in Libya.
Statue in Baghdad.
Label Airport in northern Iraq in his name.
Lunar crater in his name.
Science Museum in London.
Museum of Ibn Battuta in Spain. Added structures, engines and wheels for aircraft etc..
Almiqata become used electronically by computers.
Related throat has become the hand of a wall clock or digital. What were the methods that were used in the development of this invention ? What are the modern developments in this area? How has the world been changed by this invention? Wright Brothers How has the world been changed by this invention ? Ease of connectors.
Save time, effort and money.
Source of income to the state.
Easy to communicate with others.
Ease of transport, shipping and trade. What can you do to become an inventor/ discoverer/ explorer? Learn and meditate.
Search and explore things.
Determination and perseverance, and not despair.
Planning and study of things in all respects.
Experimentation. Name any recent inventions/ discoveries in the UAE ? Robot Control in the leadership of the camel. What steps does the UAE take to encourage inventions? Honor and support.
Give them patent their inventions.
Interest in the talent and creativity and development of science and knowledge.
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