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The Nine Circles of High School Hell

No description

Mitzi Tiozon

on 8 May 2014

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Transcript of The Nine Circles of High School Hell

The people who over use: drugs, alcohol..etc
Punishment: They throw up forever, and are forced to swim to the surface as they drown in their own vomit.
Explanation: People who abuse alcohol and drugs end up throwing up or dying, so they are forced to pull through their vomit so they do not drown.
People who cause physical as well as emotional harm towards others (depression,suicide..)
Punishment: Gorilla's beat them wherever they go, branded constantly with the names of their victims.
Explanation: They are bullied by the gorillas and suffer the pain they have caused each and every one of their victims
The overachievers who put it in everyone's face to make themselves feel better.
Punishment: Fail classes, stuck in a classroom for eternity, while the chalkboard is being scratched with their own nails.
Explanation: They are forced to listen and do to something as annoying and piercing as they were when they were talking very highly of themselves to others.
The people who talk back to their teachers/administrators. Always have something to say and always have to prove someone wrong.
Punishment: Being hit with a ruler, while being forced to kneel on rice, in a corner.
Explanation: Back in the day, students were hit with a ruler, forced to kneel on rice, and were made to sit in a corner for being disrespectful.
People that do not try hard in school and are lazy. People who never get to or allow themselves to reach their full potential.
Punishment: Having a ball and chain on their ankles.
Explanation: By having a ball and chain on their ankle, they are constantly being forced give their all when they need to move around.

People who cheat on tests and quizzes as well as people who cheat in relationships.
Punishment: Worms and snakes are forever crawling in both eyes, always in pain.
Explanation: A person who cheats on their significant other is called a snake and a worm is what crawls in a teachers apple, so both animals are crawling in the eyes of a person who should have kept his eyes on their own paper and a cheater who should have not been looking at other people
People verbally arguing, as well as people who physically fight.
Punishment: Turned into ants and are squished by giants.
Explanation: People who start arguments and fights do this because they believe they are bigger and better. Now they are stuck as small ants and are crushed by their foes.
People who just don't show up to class because they don't want to or care.
Punishment: Chained to a desk, while hearing voices, until they go insane. "You should not have skipped.. You should have cared..."
Explanation: People who skip are sent to detention, so they are chained to a desk while voices remind them of why they should not have skipped.
Public Displays of Affection
The Nine Circles of High School Hell
The people that kiss in the middle of the hallway, make it hard for people to get through the halls, and it is visually disgusting.
Punishment: Lips get bigger and bigger until they explode, and it restarts.
Explanation: Every time a couple shows affection it should not be seen by others, so when they pucker up, their lips will continue to grow until they explode to keep that affection to themselves.
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