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TCFV Lobbying

TSAE Presentation

Aaron Setliff

on 28 July 2017

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Transcript of TCFV Lobbying

TCFV seeks Committee members to provide subject matter expertise and perspective through participation in a series of 3-4 meetings in the year prior to the Texas Legislative Session. During 2016 in preparation for Session, TCFV will also ask that Committee members participate in conference calls and respond to emails as we explore the practicality and efficacy of suggested measures. The Policy Team then works with the CEO and Board to make a final determination of TCFV’s legislative priorities, most likely making a final determination in late 2016. The Committee may also meet during the 85th Session (beginning January 10th and ending on May 29th, 2017) and in the summer following Session. Throughout the Legislative Session, TCFV looks to Committee members for their continued expertise and leverage; following passage of any bills filed, TCFV further coordinates with Committee members for implementation.
What is the TCFV Public Policy Committee?
TCFV asks Committee members to serve approximately one and a half years so that members can be part of building the Agenda, passing it and implementing the various Agenda items. The TCFV Public Policy Committee for the 85th Legislature will serve from the early spring of 2016 through the summer of 2017. The Texas Legislature meets in regular session every two years. The 85th Texas Legislature will convene for regular session on January 10th and end on May 29th, 2017.
How long does the Committee serve?
The Public Policy Committee will meet 3 times in 2016 and potentially 2017. Most if not all meetings last a full day and occur in Austin. TCFV will reimburse the reasonable travel expenses of committee members attending the entire meeting. The first meeting will occur on Friday, April 22nd, 2016, from 10am-3pm in Austin.
By agreeing to serve on the Committee, all members also agree to attend this meeting.

When and where will the Committee meet?
TCFV seeks a Public Policy Committee composed of diverse and experienced participants that can inform and influence family violence advocacy efforts in the legislature. We greatly appreciate past members’ contributions to this important effort. Previous participants on the committee may serve again in this cycle, but we ask all previous participants to submit an Interest Form as well to help us assess overall participation based on all available factors which may change from session to session.
Who will serve on the Committee?
85th Legislative Session
The Public Policy Committee
Please view the rest of this Prezi, note the password revealed at the end of the presentation, and then head to the front page of the TCFV website (www.tcfv.org). From there you can access the Interest Form electronically by inputting the password. If you have trouble, feel free to email Esmeralda Flores, Policy Administrative Specialist, at eflores@tcfv.org, for help. TCFV seeks a committee with diverse professional and personal experiences in addressing family violence; as such the information collected on the form will greatly inform this decision.
How can I let TCFV know I am interested in serving?
Send in your Interest Form by February 5th, 2016.
By what date do I need to return my Public Policy Committee Interest Form?
TCFV will notify members by email by February 17th, 2016. If you prefer contact via a different communication method, please indicate this on your Interest Form. Shortly thereafter, TCFV will also notify those who will not serve.

When will TCFV notify me whether I am on the Committee or not?
Key Dates
A little more information…
Members of the TCFV Public Policy Committee will:
Be individual members of TCFV in good standing. For more information on becoming a member, contact Danielle Ohlemacher, TCFV Membership Coordinator, at dohlemacher@tcfv.org. For more information about TCFV membership, head to www.tcfv.org/membership/current-organization-members.
Have the support from their employers and capacity to attend and actively and constructively participate in committee meetings.
Respond promptly to requests from TCFV staff over the phone or via email for assistance before, during and after the legislative session.
Meet with their state legislators to promote the TCFV Legislative Agenda at least once in person at their members’ district offices or at the Capitol during Session. (This may be at TCFV/TAASA Capitol Day or at another date.)
Interested in submitting an Interest Form to participate on the TCFV Public Policy Committee?
Head to www.tcfv.org, input the access code "TCFV#1" and complete the on-line form.
Questions? Feel free to contact Aaron Setliff, Policy Director, at ASetliff@tcfv.org or 512-590-9808.

The PPC meets three times in person in order to discuss and vet legislative ideas face to face. The work of the committee builds as the session approaches and the cumulative conversations greatly help in reaching consensus through shared direct experience. With this in mind, we condition your participation on your ability to attend all three meetings. Although we have set the dates well in advance to help you prioritize , we know you may already have professional and personal time conflicts for these dates. If you prioritize these other activities or functions, we completely understand and ask that you not complete an Interest Form.
What if I cannot personally attend all of the meetings?
18% of bills filed passed
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