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Prototyping and Testing my Ideas

No description

Maulin Amin

on 4 July 2017

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Transcript of Prototyping and Testing my Ideas

Prototype Idea 1:
Prototype Idea 2:
Prototyping and Testing my Ideas
Week 4 Assignment
Step 1 - Create TWO different prototypes. From the three ideas you selected in the second part of the Ideate assignment, you will either select one idea and build two different prototypes for that idea, or select two of the ideas and build one prototype for each.

Step 2 - Test the prototypes with people.

Step 3 - Write a reflection.
Based on the prototyping and testing you did, write a reflection that covers:

a. What you learned by testing your prototypes;

b. What you would do next if you were to continue working on the project.
Problem Statement
20 year old, intelligent, inexperienced, jobless, ambitious engineer needs a way to organize employment and redefine his career because completing graduation is not enough to become a notable person in society.
Design Thinking Action Lab
For him to organize employment, my foremost idea would be to devise a technique with which he could keep tab on his academic qualifications as well as receive suggestions and recommendations from experts as well as people from his field of expertise.
Suggestions and recommendations of - what to do next, joining which MOOC will count in his resume, how to ace interviews, how to find the right and the best suited job etc.

Prototype of

This portion displays the introduction message
as well shows the number of subjects the person is taking up at this present moment.
This portion also holds the COURSES which helps edit his courses.
Here the user would be able to just post socializing updates as well as anything that is running in his mind. It's a feature added to add the fun element with the app, and thus not making it boring.
This portion holds various tap buttons to access other features of this website.
Allows editing profile, i.e. change/ add personal and account details.
Pressing this button will take the user to a section where could receive advice w.r.t. to his queries from an expert.
This section lists the companies that are hiring and allows direct job application to such companies if the educational qualifications meet their criteria of recruitment.
This button will take the user to a section will helps using this application as well as lists the FAQs
This particular sections lists top three system generated recommendations based on the personal as well as the educational qualifications entered by the user.
Recommendations can be related to job suggestions or the suggestions of courses that the user can take based on his data.
This particular section will take the user to an in-application chat room where the user could chat will the fellow users for fun as well as for suggestions.
Another social as well as suggestion feature, where the top box shows what one of his friend is doing while the bottom box shows what a random user who belongs to the same career path as his is doing.
Feedback Prototype 1
1) What worked?
User Interface and mobile convenience.

2) What could be improved?
There were too many suggestions and recommendation options, they could be minimized so as to minimize user confusion regarding his future. It so happens that when hefty number of options are available to a person, his mind acts greedy and would suggest doing everything, but that is not plausible, and so reducing the suggestions might help. Though, more number of suggestions also widen his path to develop a good personality oriented career.

3) Questions?
Are the social sections like chatting, personal/peer updates necessary?

4) Ideas!
More fun could be added to the app by adding the features of aptitude test training as well as one or two casual games within the application.
This is much of an out of the blue prototype. This prototype converts the pollution in the environment into food using the principle of mutation.

Muation Box
This is where the process will take place. It also consist of the mother circuitry.
Suction Cup
Suction cup, which sucks in the pollution/water as an input to the process
User Command
This is from where the user will give command.
Conveyer Belt
The final food item will roll to the platform using this belt.
This is where the product will be delivered, finally.
Feedback Prototype 2
1) What worked?
Nothing, my stakeholder friend found the prototype unfinished and not feasible at the present technological century. It might be feasible if he is awarded with a huge sum of research investment.

2) What could be improved?
Instead of using the out of the blue idea of converting pollution or water into food, it could be made more feasible if it could be made into a device that converts polluted air into clean air.

3) Question?
Won't the suction cup suck the wanted oxygen too?

4) Ideas!
It can be reduced to something more feasible, like as suggested in the improvement point.
Prepared by:
Maulin Amin

Author of:
Bitten - The Prolegomenon
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