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Social Media Workshop

Social Media Workshop

Lindsey Haase

on 19 September 2014

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Transcript of Social Media Workshop

Social Media
Are you...
Official? Casual? Refined?
Country? Friendly? Chic?

Engage with others online in real time
Where is your
Who do you want to reach?
What resources can you
What is Your Voice?
What is the
Best Channel
for Your
Business ?

You will need your personal page to set up a business page
If you do not establish this separation, your customers and vendors will not either
This allows you double coverage where only one page only gives you only one avenue for promotion, but do not ALWAYS share twice
Be willing to commit your time, energy and focus
Important to have a Personal
Page, but keep it separate from your
Business Page.
Keys to a Great
Profile Page

Be creative
Use high resolution photos
Utilize keywords in your bio/description/page name
this helps people search for you!
Include a link to your website
Visuals make the difference. Using high-resolution photos to your advantage can help you stand out.
Creating great images and designs doesn't have to be intimidating or costly, try using one of the free online tools like Canva, (the tool I used to make this cover photo and others).

This is key because interaction leads to tangible results, which is why most businesses and organizations are on social media!
By using links and tagging others, you make it easy for your audience to go where you want them to go.
The more interactive your post is, the more likely people are to interact with it.

Achieve Your Desired Results
Think Strategically
What is your goal?
Building your audience?
Action or purchase?
Whatever your goal, keep it in mind when you post
Time Management for Facebook...
Respond to people in a timely manner (think minutes/hours not days)
1-3 posts per day is ideal
Utilize Facebook's scheduler capabilities when you know you'll be busy
Install the Facebook Pages app on your smartphone to help you stay on top of inquires and engagement
Facebook is, like many businesses, is interested in making money.

Some users have great results with paid advertisements, but keep in mind...there are other free options for social media to increase your exposure... like Twitter!

Don't let Twitter intimidate you...
Think of it like sending a short mass email or a text message!
I can do that!
It's about getting a concise message out to a large group of people in a timely manner
Twitter Simplified:
Exploring Insights and Navigating Your Page
Top Search Engines
People go to Twitter for news and information!
Twitter is full of bloggers, shoppers, journalists, news anchors, magazine editors, potential visitors, customers and so much more!
If you borrow a photo, tag the person or organization you borrowed from!
Helping others get traffic is a good practice.
From your twitter handle to your bio, make sure that you are using keywords that people may search!
Using Keywords
Engage & Use Conversational Content
Tweeting only self-indulgent posts causes you to lose followers, trust & credibility. Like any good conversation, you have to engage to keep interest!
Engage with other like-minded organizations, shout out to bloggers and media when you have something to share with them!
The Cardinal Rule of Twitter...
We know that we need to make conversation with people in a timely manner...
what's the best time of day to engage with others and get your posts noticed?

Lunch Time
Drive Time
as people settle into their workday
many people check on social media at lunch
hey... we're not endorsing it, but it's true!
during prime-time TV shows, after dinner
A Closer Look at Twitter:
How to set up your page
Finding an available and applicable handle
The basics of tweeting
In sta gram
An exclusively mobile app that boasts over 50 millions users.
Can only be used on iOS or Android devices.
Instagram uses photo filters, digital layers that, when added to a standard photo gives it the appearance of professional editing
Breaking down the hashtag:
What is it and what does it do?

Breaking down a twitter handle:
What is it? What is a good one, what isn't

Just like Facebook (and ANY online presence you have), high res images are of the utmost importance. Low res images are amateur and are credibility killers.
How to form a tweet, 140 characters is a lot more than it sounds like! Just be concise and choose your words wisely.
Getting Started:
Download the app on your mobile phone
Set your privacy settings, Instagram accounts are public by default... most businesses should keep the public setting
Once registered, change your profile picture and edit profile info, includes a brief 150 character bio and a website
Set push notifications, this is a great way to stay on top of interactions with followers! To control the notifications on your device, you'll click on the settings wheel while viewing your profile.
Connect your Instagram account to other social accounts like Twitter and Facebook. Each time you upload a photo you'll have the option to share to all, any or none of the social accounts you've authorized.
Now that you have an account set up...
...Start taking pictures!
Click the blue camera button in the center of the navigation panel. By default, this will activate your mobile camera.

If you'd like to use a photo you've already taken instead, simply click the double-square button the lower-left of the screen. (This may require cropping a bit of the photo off.)
Once you've selected or taken a photo, you're ready for the fun part! Add filters or borders. The best way to learn how to do this is by experimenting... have fun with it!
Introducing Video on Instagram:
Once you've taken and edited your photo or video, you'll want to share it!
Add a caption to describe your picture/video, or frame the mood or emotion you want to evoke...But keep it simple!
You can also use Hashtags on Instagram!
Posting about eating out? Enjoying a glass of Wine?
Some examples...
What you need to know about Instagram:
write this down!
Instagram is for the super-social.
This is not a great place for you or your business if you are "dabbling".

Instagram is for the creative, art driven, or outside of the box organizations and businesses.

Instagram is great for destinations and groups, as long as you keep your voice consistent.
pronounced Pin-Ter-Ist
Pinterest is a social network that allows users to visually share, and discover new interests by posting (known as 'pinning' on Pinterest) images or videos to their own or others' boards (i.e. a collection of 'pins,' usually with a common theme) and browsing what other users have pinned.
If you don't have a personal Pinterest page, you should try using one before a business page.
To fully understand how to appeal to Pinterest users, you need to understand what being a user feels like. The best way to do that is to try it!
From a user side, it's about seeing something you are interested in and finding out more. From a business side, it's about showing off interesting content relevant to your business.
Most Pinterest users are females...
And in many households, females initiate the travel and major purchase decisions
think from both sides
Understanding Boards & Pins
Each board should have a different topic that ties in to the overall brand.
Again, think strategically: Does this board or pin support my social media goals?

Creating Pins
Creating boards
If you remember nothing else about Pinterest, remember this:
Your website content needs to be Pinterest friendly. That means high-resolution with descriptions.
This brings up a very important point...
Your website is of the utmost importance. In fact, it is relevant to social media in ways you may not even realize. Your social media effort should be driven, but where are they driving to? Without a website the user has no where to go immediately.
Draw solid lines for your audience.
Think like Homegoods
Give credit where credit is due.
Use Interactive Content to
Shopping post? Try using:
More general or tourism related? Local?
Exploring Pinterest:
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