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Country Study

No description

Chuthathip onsuwan

on 11 April 2014

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Transcript of Country Study

Country Study
Inter Pricing & Product

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Market Singapore
Market Singapore

Market analyze : Singapore

Market analyze : Singapore

2morrow brand was started by
Kan Kantathavorn
that he was Thailand super star. He designed and product foot wear for male and female, T-shirt, scarf, and back bag. All design come from his inspiration with luxury look, easy to wear and comfortable for users. The product was produces from high quality materials and suit for life style of teenager.
For 2morrow shoe, distinctive point is design and color of its shoe which difference form other shoe in market in term of shoe make from jean cloth and other material.

is brand with products of handmade unisex footwear, apparel and accessories from Thailand. Owns by celebrity from Thailand. Established in February 2012,
Mission statement
To be in top 20 teenager fashion shoes store in 4years, able to expand another branch in 3 years and 4 years of getting reverse back by offering the best quality products, fashionable products that can reveal the lifestyle of wearer with everyday wear with 90% customer satisfaction.

Vision statement
To be top brand in market by supporting local fashion by using Gun,actor in Thailand as participants in product and in another hand to gain happy customers in the market where we will provide them the best solution of revealing yourself on wearing.

Men and Woman shoes
Orchard Road is a 2.2 kilometer-long street that is the retail and entertainment hub of Singapore. It is a major tourist attraction, in addition to being the most popular shopping enclave in the city-state.
Orchard Street is the 9 th most expensive retail street in Asia and had become the 13 th most expensive shopping street in the world.
Ground floor rental rate: 31.10$ per square foot per month (in 2010)
Ground floor rental rate in 2011 has rose 13 percent. Average rental rate per square foot per month is 39$.

Upper floor rental rate: 20-25$ per square foot per month.

2 morrow seeks to serve customers in Singapore fitting the following characteristics
Age: Teenager to middle age (12-30)
Sex : Male and Female
Occupation : Every occupation
Income : $5,000 +
Lifestyle : Like to wearing with fashionable shoes and love to be cheerful
Located : Singapore

SWOT analysis
Celebrity in Thailand who own the brand 2 morrow
Customers can wear in everyone no limited age or sex
Diverse products and can afford
Products of handmade unisex footwear

Popular brand shoes is a lot of in Singapore
Hard to make strategy in order to gain customers

We have gain customers in foreign that have this lifestyle.
High growth rate of teenager in middle class where they can offer to buy products.
Know what customers want and we can serve them.

Many competitors in Singapore.
It cost a lot in order to get the best location on the street.
Mostly people in Singapore don’t know a new brand.

SWOT analysis continue
Market Strategy or Promotion
Location : South East Asia ( Member of ASEAN)
Capital : Singapore
Official language(s) : English, Malay, Chinese and Tamil
Population : 5,183,700 (2011 census)
Found : 6 February 1819
Self-government : 3 June 1959
Independent from UK : 31 August 1963
Merger with Malaysia : 16 September 1963
Separate from Malaysia : 9 August 1965
Area total : 710 sq km
Currency : Singapore Dollar (SGD)
National Airline : Singapore airline
National personification of Singapore : Merlion
The politics of Singapore takes the form of a parliamentary representative democratic republic whereby the President of Singapore is the head of state, the Prime Minister of Singapore is the head of government, and of a multi-party system. 
Executive power is exercised by the cabinet. Cabinet has the general direction and control of the Government and is collectively responsible to Parliament. Like many countries in the world today, there are three separate branches of government: the legislature, executive and judiciary, though not necessarily meaning that there is a separation of power.
President of the Republic of Singapore : Dr. Tony Tan Keng Yam
Prime Minister of the Republic of Singapore  : Lee Hsien Loong
Market analyze : Singapore
Singapore has a highly developed and successful free-market economy ; the state owns stakes in firms that comprise perhaps
of the GDP through entities such as
the sovereign wealth fund Temasek.

It has an open
business environment, relatively corruption-free and transparent, stable prices, low tax rates (14.2% of GDP)
compared to other developed economies, and one of
the highest per-capita gross domestic products (GDP) in the world
Its innovative yet steadfast form of
economics that combines economic planning of Singapore
 Economic Development Board with 
has given it the nickname the 
Singapore Model.
Exports, particularly in 
electronics and chemicals, and services
 provide the main source of revenue for the economy, which allows it to purchase natural resources and raw goods which it
does not have
The Port of Singapore is the
in the world, surpassing 
Hong Kong.
Singapore Economy
Singapore Nominal GDP 2012
Singapore Stock of Foreign Direct Investment
video Singapore
Orchard Road

2morrow aims to deliver within the time agreed upon at purchase. However, we are unable to guarantee that all orders will be delivered within the stipulated time frame.

Our aim is to have your items shipped to you as fast as possible. If we are unable to meet the estimated delivery date we shall be liable for any losses, liabilities, costs, damages, charges or expenses arising out of late delivery.

Orchard Road or Champ Élysée street of Singapore
Orchard Road is a 2.2 kilometer-long street that is the retail and entertainment hub of Singapore. It is a major tourist attraction, in addition to being the most popular shopping enclave in the city-state.
Orchard Street is the 9th most expensive retail street in Asia and had become the 13th most expensive shopping street in the world.

Orchard Road
Real GDP Growth
Number,Employment and Value
Median age
Resident Population
Life Expectancy At Birth
Promotion Strategies:
First month of our opening we will give 20% discount for open new shop.
We will give more discount 5% for student if u show student ID card.
Every important occasion we will have special collection which offer to customers.

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