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What happens when a person experiences nevuah?

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on 21 February 2014

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Transcript of What happens when a person experiences nevuah?

What happens
when a person
experiences nevuah?
How do YOU get nevuah?
Moreh Nevuchim
Three potential approaches to Nevuah
Igeret Taiman
A Navi does not have to be Jewish. You can believe him since his Nevuah can be legitimate. Usually a sign or miracle is performed to prove the Navi's legitimacy.
But what's the difference between Nevuah and Ruach Hakodesh?
When defining the kedushah of the different books in the Tanach, Chazal equated Nevi'im and Ketuvim, demonstrating their equal kedusha.
Rav Yehudah HaLevi
Nevuah can be reached by working on your middot and improving oneself, because it is the the closest level to Hashem that exists in Olam Hazeh.

A person experiencing nevuah must be Jewish, and must be in Israel or prophesizing for Israel.
Unlike other nations, we receive reward in Olam HaZeh. If we strive for spiritual heights in this world, we will reach it. We know the spiritual heights which await us after death, because we see a fraction of it with the nevuah that exists in this world.
The first opinion is that nevuah is given to people at random, and if you are one of the lucky ones, you will experience such a closeness.
The second opinion believes that as man achieves perfection, he can achieve Nevuah. Similar to if a person eats healthy, he will be healthy, Nevuah is a natural faculty of man which he can achieve if he simply works on it.

The third opinion, the correct opinion according to Rambam, is that it's a natural faculty of man that you must work towards, but Hashem ordains the extent to which a person experiences Nevuah. Hashem decides the extent, not the person.
But what distinguishes them?
Must be shalem in your middot. You enter into another world, leaving Olam HaZeh and either see a person or being speaking to you, or you just hear a voice.
Ruach HaKodesh
The person is completely present in Olam HaZeh, and simply experiences a spiritual awakening of some kind.
Nevuah is used to tell the future, to give messages to the people and to convince them to improve their ways, while Ketuvim is just Divine Inspiration.
The Torah exemplified the highest level of Nevuah, because it recorded Moshe who had a direct connection to Hashem. On a lower level are the Nevi'im, who experienced full visionary prophecy, and then Ketuvim, termed Divine Inspiration.
Rav Chaim Soloveitchik
Navi comes from a similar word to speech, showing that Nevi'im were spoken prophecies, while Ketuvim are written prophecies, as suggested by their title.
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