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Getting Started with Prezi

PSU WS Brown Bag Fall 2012

Griffith Lewis

on 7 September 2017

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Transcript of Getting Started with Prezi

Add custom logos
Theme Wizard
Prezi Loading Screen
Choose your template
or blank Prezi
Creating a Prezi
Create New “EDU Standard” Account
Free with .edu email address
Private files
Edu Plus Account adds:
2GB storage
Work offline
How do I use Prezi?
A Prezi prints similar to PowerPoint
Creates “slides” for each page
Save as PDF
Print PDF file
Printing your Prezis
Pre-made element groups
Inserting Layouts
Organize information within frames
Visible or invisible
Moving/scaling frame works on framed content
Inserting Frames

“Prezify” PowerPoint slides
Inserting Media and PowerPoint
Clip art, photographs, pre-made shapes
Inserting Graphics and Shapes
Navigating the ‘canvas’
Mouse scroll to zoom
Click and drag to move around
The ‘Transformation Tool’:
Associated with all elements on the canvas
Move, scale, rotate content
Prezi Environment
Begin typing your text
Main Editing Screen
Click in the Prezi elements to edit your presentation
Starting with a Template
Log in to your account
Click on New presentation button
Creating a Prezi
Online Presentation software
Software as a Service (SaaS)
Cloud based storage with additional desktop capability
Provides zoom in and pan across content
Large ‘canvas’ workspace area
Limited editing tools
What is Prezi?
Zooming Presentation Editor
Getting Started with Prezi
Click and drag or use path sidebar to arrange
Paths define the order of your elements in a presentation
Creating/Editing Paths
RGB values
Advanced button allows RGB editing
Theme Wizard
Customizing colors and fonts
Prezi Environment
You may share your Prezis with others
Software generates link
Editing capabilities
Multiple users
Or provide View only link
Sharing your Prezis
Editing Elements
Fall 2017
Excessive panning...
Excessive zooming...
What not to do:
Excessive rotation
What to do:
Use design rules on your slides.
Use color to enhance your message, but no more than three.
Use relevant graphics.
Use readable fonts.
Make your message visual.
People view things from upper left to lower right. Arrange your visual elements accordingly.
Use design rules on your slides
Which is more effective?
Make your message visual!
Research has shown that san-serif fonts are better for presentations.
Examples: Arial
Gill Sans

Use more readable fonts
Serif fonts are better for printed text.
Examples: Times New Roman
Book Antiqua
Bookman Old Style
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