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Dying and Dead Verbs

No description

Kari Powell

on 30 October 2013

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Transcript of Dying and Dead Verbs

Dying and Dead Verbs
What in the world are they?
A dead verb is a verb that we use too much.

Why don't we want to use dead verbs?
When we use dead verbs, we are telling the reader what is happening instead of using words that show the reader.

It is like painting a picture with white paint... YOU CAN'T see anything.

I was happy.
What should my sentence look like instead?

Instead of using dead verbs, we should use verbs that really make the reader see what is happening really well.

I was happy.


My face glowed with joy and my smile spread from ear to ear.

Now you get how happy I am and you can see it.
Is it okay to still use dead verbs?
It is okay to use dead verbs sometimes.

A good rule is to use no more than 10 per story or essay.

Sometimes we cannot get around using them but there are many times we can! The trick is to not be lazy writers
Write what is in red!
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