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Happy Birthday Mama!!!

It's been forevie since I made one of these so I figured...why not? <3 Hope you like it.

Melisa Cardenas

on 18 December 2014

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Transcript of Happy Birthday Mama!!!




Hey mama. Happy Birthday! You've survived 22 years
putting up with me and the other two powerpuffs. I just want to say thanks for all your support & encouragement. I hope that one day I return all the sacrifices and favors that you gave to all of us. Giving up your chemistry career, I know, was one of the hardest things you had to do. But if we go through with this makeup business, we'll be rich! I know I haven't been a good daughter, nor have I been a great role model for the other two, but that
you continue to care and believe in me.
Despite all that I am and all that I
did, you are still there for me.
Of all the moms in the world,
God gave us three & daddy
the best mom & wife ever to walk on
Earth! I love you lots, & God bless
you always, mommy.
Love, Mariel (2014)
hi mommy
ok so i love you
also if i press enter a lot
this looks like a poem
but not rly but also rly?? like
i wish i was able to properly express my love for you, mother dearest, bc
i'm not smart enough to do so
but you love me anyways so l o l win win situation
anyway, thank you for all the sacrifices you made for us and just generally
for having to deal with our bullshit -- bULLSH*T DO
SWEAR -- all
the time and basically i'm rly sorry for being rly dumb and basically a rly
bad child and fickle and pretentious but ye y'know, i'm like John Green, except i
don't have famous books abt teen romance l o l -- also, TFIOS wasn't that
gREAT, bUT MOVING ON i love you for dealing with me and my
tangents and my stupidity bc stupidity is a disease but you'll
never catch it bc you're like immune to my dumbness by
now so ykNOW for some reason you still love me even if
i'm ridiculous and stupid but then again you're my mom
so you HAVE to love me yodels -- also, that leads me
to another thing: thanks for dealing with me and my
yodeling wow this quickly became less of a:
birthday mom
, more so to a:
i'm sorry for being a
shitty daughter, mom
whoop -- on the plus side of
things: at least i'm trying, yknow? to make you
happy and proud and all. loVE you mom, and i
hope you have a happy birthday bc you
deserve the world and i'm sorry for
taking that away from you -- whoop
this got rly sad i'm rly sorry ok bye
i love you ok i'm rly sorry this is ew
gross and emotional i'm sorry
ily ily ily

Ever since I was little, you and Daddy were always there for me. With both of your guidance, motivation, and support, I was able to graduate!!! :) So thanks! (Almost done, don't worry.)
we love you
So we've done one of these before...but I figured it was time to make another one! So here's part 2 of what we love about you! (And of course card 2 but whatevs you get the point.)
We love...
Unfortunately, I couldn't add more pictures (I need the updated version apparently...) But here's some of our favorite pictures!
We got old sooooo fast... TT^TT but don't worry you haven't seemed to age at all. :)
We love....
When you break out in song and sing with us! Whether you're way off key or not we love it when you sing! LOLz just kidding. :) ...about the way off key part.
I think it's cool how you were in a school choir growing up~ Hah like mother, like daughter right? -Melisa
You came to pretty much every single concert we had! So thanks for the support and cheers~
We love...
That you always listen to us! Despite how tiring (and may be sometimes annoying) we can be, you're always there to sit down and listen to us rant for hours.
We love...
How artistic you are! You've helped us with all our projects! You would stay up late with us (and even take over when we're tired) just to help.
We're very lucky to have you~ We get done faster, and our project ends up being the best~
Melarie made a short video of "little us" being all cute and annoying. Enjoy!
We love...
How encouraging you are. You always make us strive to be the best.
It stresses us out sometimes (not going to lie) but you only do so because you see a lot of potential in us.
You always encourage us to do our best in everything we do, because you taught us there's no point in doing something only halfway.
You also encourage us to make our dreams come true!
The end.
We love...
How you speak your mind! You're always honest with us! Whenever we do something wrong you tell us (yell more like it! :D) to never let us forget it!
Your obsession with iPad games! We find it funny! Everyone in our family has "technology quirks and addictions" and yours is iPad Dragon games. -Melarie
We love...
We love...
That you never let us starve!!! No matter how tired you are, you would buy us food. You also of course, cook too.
We especially love your salmon and spam (with onions...)

how compassionate you are. Despite how much we mess up, you are still there to help us out.

You still support us no matter what wrong we can do.
We love...
How money is never even an option to you. You'll do everything you can to support our education. One day, we will really pay you back.
We can't exactly tell you how we'll spoil you guys when all three of us are finished with school. Of course, we'll all be making money. It's a surprise! We hope you look forward to it.
For 25 years that we've been together words can't describe how much you mean to me. You are the main reason why our family is still glued together. Thank you for being my best friend, my lover, and the greatest mom ever. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, and I wish many more to come.
Love, Dad
We love...
We love how you can turn around a bad situation. Any problem that doesn't look like it can ever be solved, you won't rest until it does.
You're a determined mom!
We love...
"There's an apple cherry?"
-Melarie 2006
We admire you as a strong and indepedent woman. You give amazing advice that helps us become better. Your advice is always said with love and directness that we can all learn from.
Movie night!!! Melarie and I love curling up on the couch and watching horror movies with you! I usually hide my face (Melarie is the brave one...) but I do love a good "heart attack" film.

Then again, just about any film is fun watching with you because you scream a lot.

You aren't like those moms that don't interact with their children or husband. You love to know what's going on with our lives. We appreciate how you listen and actually want to know all about our lives. We love how dedicated you are to our family.
You can be so hilarious too! We love how you can make us laugh without even trying to!
When you tell us your "back in the day" stories! We like hearing about your past.

We especially like the ones that include you beating up annoying classmates with books and chairs.
We love how you raised us well in God, our Father. We love how you raised us as followers of Christ. Today, there aren't many Christians anymore and there are those in the Middle East dying. We love how you know every prayer -- making us want to learn them too! We thank you and dad for showing us the true meaning of life -- that there is life through Jesus Christ.
We love...
We appreciate how concerned you are with our education/work. Other moms don't seem that invested in their children's academia, or their husband's work. We're grateful that you're here to set us up for a good future.
Sometimes we choose to "forget" that we've got tests, projects, homework, grades, work etc. to "concern" ourselves with. You set us straight all the time, and that's a quality we admire about you!
Like Sesame Street, they invest in kids' education!
You spoil us not only in education but everything else~!

There's no denying how materialisitic we can be! Whenever you go shopping for yourself you end up buying things for us...so thanks! :)
"I love how we can spend hours and hours talking about chemistry. It's hard to find someone that just 'gets it'. That's why we'll open that soap making + makeup business and become rich!" - Mariel
Thanks to you, we're always in style no matter the occasion~ ;)
In short, we're happy you're our mother! Because if you weren't we'd probably be "troubled kids" growing up and especially now at this age...the age that's supposed to be the "rebellious phase"
We love how you're the one that rationalizes everything. You can make wise decisions, and all of us are still trying to learn from you!
We love how strong you can be. You don't take crap from anyone that tries to "bully" or "intimidate" you.
We love how supportive you are for us to play music. You and dad will do everything to keep us playing instruments! No matter how expensive it will get, you want us to play music. Not many parents would do that for their children.
"Jai Ho, you are the reason that I that I breathe!" -- Melisa
Our gift to you, since we're completely broke.
Happy Birthday Mama!!!
Thanks for taking care of me all 18 years (and in counting...) Thanks for being patient with me all the time. :) I can be a handful I know.
You've always been a role model to me and definetely the person I want to emulate when I grow up. <--Or rather get older since technically I grew up already.
I hope that when I do become a mother (because I will!) I can be as good of a mother as you are to me!
Love yah forevies!
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