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Copy of Detail

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osama shallan

on 11 April 2014

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Transcript of Copy of Detail

Wastewater Treatment
What is Wastewater Treatment ?

The process of removing contaminants from wastewater and making it suitable to be back into the environment .

How to transfer wastewater to the treatment plant ?
In Recent years , interest in finding new resources has increased
Classification of Wastewater
Industrial Wastewater
Residential Wastewater
Residential wastewater
Grit & Sand
Solid wastes & detergents
Greases & Oils
Sewage network
Collection chamber
Pumping station
Treatment Plant
Population growth
Increasing rates of Electrcity cost
Limited water resources
How to overcome ?
Water and Electricty Dialema
Industrial Wastewater
Petroleum materials
Heavy metals
chemicals harm
the environment
More toxic ones are
Cadmium,Lead and Mercury.
Specification of
plant site:

Away from residential communities
In opposite to wind direction
Types of Treatment
5-10 % of the organic material can be removed as well as 2-20% of suspended contaminants

Treated water can be used in
restricted irrigation

Restricted irrigation
irrigation all types of crops except vegetables royalties , and the tuberous crops , and plants that touch the fruit treated water , whether eaten fresh or cooked

ؤشcan be used in unrestricted

Unrestricted irrigation

irrigation all types of crops without exception

these percentages are not sufficient
to reuse water in any activity
. Can be at this stage of treatment remove 35-50 % of the organic material is biodegradable as well as 50-70 % of suspended solids.
used for
desert afforestation
& cultivation of wood.
Wastewater treatment
compost Production
Electricity generation
Treatment Stages
Preliminary Treatment
Primary treatment
secondary treatment
tertiary treatment
Electricty production from biogas by means of enviromiental engineeing
1-Osama Abd El Azez
2-Ahmed Bahaa
3-Ola Adel
4-Yousef El Thokaby
5-Eman Shokry
6-Fatma Mohamed
7-Behery Mohamed
8-Ali Mamdouh
9-Mahmoud Abd El Azez
sedmentation tanks
Combined Cycle
Thank You
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